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Re: Thoughts on header wrap

Originally Posted by roger View Post
i;m running long tube headers on my 347 in a 62 f;lane. I didn't order them coated mainly because i knew we had to "re-arrange" a couple of tubes, 1- to clear steering rack, 2- to clear bellhousing, so i sprayed em with eastwoods hi-heat header paint. Other than protection from the elements i doubt the paint helps in lowering underhood temps, to any degree.,
which brings me to my question - does header wrap really help reduce underhood heat, enough to warrant using it?
My son used wrap on his subaru headers, which, by the way, were ungodly expensive (syms) & then sprayed the wrap with this - dei- hi-temp silicone coating, which supposedly seals & protects the wrap. The spray certainly dried into a tough, hard coating.
I ask because i think underhood heat is a major factor in hot start issues, if i wait 1/2 hr. She turns over & starts, no problem.
hot start probs are typically, timing, too high of a float level, weak starter and/or insufficient cooling system.

The header wrap will reduce temps but it will not fix your probs. The lava wrap is popular and does not require sealer.
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