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Re: 4 speed standard shift

I agree that it should work.

You might find that you have a couple of small issues though. First the input shaft may be too long and bottom out in the back of the crank. Just do what Ford did after a thorough verification and wack off the required amount from the pilot bearing part of the input shaft so that the shaft still enters the bearing, but does not bottom out against the crank. If the toploader is out of a 390 car, it might already be the correct length.

I need to update this, but the photo should give you an idea of the length differences I am talking about:

There "may also" be a difference in outside diameter of the throwout bearing snout, with the 60 bellhousing hole being slightly smaller. If you find this, simply have the snout lathed down the required amount to "just fit" into the bell by a few thousands of an inch. If you have an old manual Ford snout from 60-64 (even a 3 speed,) perhaps it will be a direct swap.


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