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Re: 4 speed standard shift

You are going to have a couple of problems.

Like was said below, the bearing retainer is going to have a larger OD on the later transmission, so you'll have to machine the bellhousing to fit.

Second, your later toploader will have both bolt patterns, but the wider one is stronger and the early bell won't support using it.

Next, a lot will depend on what you plan to put it in. The bellhousings were fairly model specific because of the z bar mounts.

Another problem will be that the big input trans originally used an 11.5" clutch, but that won't fit in the early bellhousing so you'll have to find a smaller version.

And last, there is only 1 big input clutch fork still made, for Mustangs, so if you put it in a Galaxie they have to be modified to work.

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