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Re: TFI module relocation

Hi David,

Surprisingly, there is absolutaly no mark on the distributor cap...
I got this message from the guy who sold me the EFI at Steve Morris so I'll give a second try then...

Set the balancer at 30 degrees on the compression stroke.

Then rotate the distributor so that the rotor is in the middle of the #1 terminal on the cap.

Start the engine and check timing with the light, adjust as required.

The distributor may have a rubber band on one of the terminals, if that is the case then that terminal must be #1.

All that matters at the end of the day is that the laptop and damper show the same value. So all you need to do is get it close enough to start and then put a timing light on it to bring it into perfect alignment.

With a TFI system you should not have to touch any parameters in the EFI system, simply turn the distributor until timing lines up with the laptop and lock it into place.
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