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Re: TFI module relocation

If you mean the Morris instruction, yes, they make sense to get it close enough to start the engine, and then set correct timing with a light. As I said in my instructions (using the sensor voltage change at 10°), the rotor will not exactly line-up with the #1 terminal, but the timing should be just about perfect before starting. Morris' method is just a different approach, to get timing only close enough to start the engine, then set it correctly with a light.

Pick either method and go with it. The engine will run without ECM timing control input, and the TFI will fire at whatever base timing you set - and stay there (no advance). This is known as 'limp home' mode, in-case of ECM timing control failure, such as a bad connector or broken wire. I stated 10°BTC because that is the typical setting used with TFI when there is no timing control from the ECM. If your ECM instructions say to use a different base timing, use that number instead. This is important, as the remaining ECM timing advance is added to that base timing. Does that make sense?

BTW - you can do initial startup with the ECM disconnected from the TFI, so that it is not giving confusing timing signals if the ECM settings are wrong somehow. The fuel injectors will still work. Once the engine is running stable on base timing, then connect the ECM signal to the TFI, and the timing should follow whatever is programmed.


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