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Re: Project "GuldenRod" 72 Gran Torino Wagon

yes eventually it will be made like the photo. I have a 72 fastback parts car to get what I need for the build but first I need to complete the tailgate repairs and do the other quarter panel as it still has the window. car has been on hold for a year.Hoping to get back on the build this winter. I'm getting a lower tailgate section from a Ranchero to help with the repair so I don't have to try and make the lower skin with the body line. have to get it shipped from out west so i'm waiting for that before I start up again and also the transmission lost forward gears and needs rebuilt so i'm going to be getting another C4 in about a month so it will move under it's own power again as pushing this beast is not an option.

I have a small shop where I build custom cars for a living so it will be nice to have my own and great advertisement for my shop.
currently building a custom 68 Mustang fastback for a customer but can't post photos of the build as the guy doesn't want it seen on the internet, hopefully when it's finished I will be able to share with the world, but right now i have to respect his wishes.
I believe when done it will be magazine worthy and so will the wagon for that fact as it's never been done to a Gran Torino wagon like i'm building.
Hoping to make my mark again. I already have one of my builds in several magazines but that was built at my old shop in Florida but that was over 10 yrs ago and you have to keep building stuff to keep yourself in the spotlight or be forgotten about

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