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Re: Shelby drop on a 70 Maverick?

Thought I'd throw-in here, the "Shelby" drop is mentioned when the arm is dropped 1". This was done by Shelby because going to the full 1.5" drop described by Klaus Arning (the design engineer) meant changing the angle of the upper ball joint, as full suspension travel would stress the joint otherwise. This ball joint angle change is commonly done with 'negative wedge' plates. So, Shelby kept it at 1" for most of his 'production' cars, but you can go to the 1.5" drop to optimize geometry if you wish. Just use the plates or aftermarket UA arms that have the angle built-in.

Lots of stuff affects the final ride height including alignment, but geometrically, the chassis drop is ~0.4" per inch of A-arm drop. YMMV


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