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Re: It's Dyno Time

Originally Posted by PSIG View Post
Sounds like a nice street/track combo. For HP, peak power means diddly. Your average HP after you've done logged comparative experiments with the fuel, ignition, valve timing and chassis will show what it's potential is, and where it's strong or weak. I'd say it makes 575hp if you give the dyno operator an extra $100. Or, 375hp if you piss him off. But, those are not the answers you want from him. A chassis dyno is for information and tuning, so use it for that, else it's a waste of time and money. Good luck!


Dyno operator is a friend of mine (and owns the shop where the engine swap happened, and while he has a vested interest in a positive outcome, he won't fudge numbers.

We're using the dyno for the very thing you mentioned - tuning the carb and timing.

Right now, the initial timing is set to 16, and advances to 30. We're going to set the initial to 18-20, and have a total advance of 36 or so. The distributor has the blue springs int it, and I'm thinking we'll have to change to the light silver (or at least one light silver and one blue). We'll probably change the advance bushing as well to get to the desired total advance.

As far as the carb is concerned, the motor is making about 7.5-7.8 inches of vacuum, so i changed the 4.5 power valve to a 3.5 (I have a 4.0 if we need it). The mixture screws are about a half-turn out (not enough IMHO). so we either have to jet it down or increase the air bleed size. Which is the best way to go on that?

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