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Re: It's Dyno Time

Originally Posted by PSIG View Post
Assuming this is a street/track car, I'd wait to choose the power valve until you can get stable cruise vacuum readings, then install one that's 1" less. For idle mix, first be sure your primary adn secondary blades are set properly over their transfer slots to see where that gets you. Then go after the bleeds if it's still touchy. Remember, changing your idle timing will change your vacuum, idle blade position and idle mix settings.

So far, we're at 439.3 hp, and 456 lbft. It's falling over at about 5600rpm. First thing we're gonna check tomorrow is the fuel pressure (to make sure we're not sucking the bowls dry).

Current settings:

Primary jets = 70
Secondary jets = 79
Accel pump cam is pink 2-in-2
Power valve = 3.5 (7.5-8 inches of vacuum)
Hi-speed air bleeds = 33
Idle air bleeds are 74 (I think)
Squirters = 33
Timing = 8 initial, 36 total

Any recommendations regarding fall-over would be welcomed.

I'll post the videos tomorrow.

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