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Re: It's Dyno Time

Originally Posted by jsimmonstx View Post
Idle is about 850. Don't forget, the rockers are 1.7's so that added some lift (and duration?).

What are the plugs supposed to be gapped to for a motor like this? I'm currently at 45.

If I change intakes, I'm thinkin' I'm gonna go dual quads. It's kinda more about the eye candy and sound than anything else. The guy that helped me with the motor swap thinks I should put a 6/71 on it, but he's crazier than I am.
The 1.7's won't change the personality of the cam, and any gains in lift and effective duration are minimal in the grand scheme of things.

My advice, is to just get the carburetor right and DRIVE IT. It will be a TIRE SMOKING BEAST on the street as is... and if you don't plan on making it a track car... just go out and enjoy it!

Good Luck!
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