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Re: 347 Stroker Pistons

Originally Posted by falconfred View Post
I like the Probe SRS forged pistons which are made for a 5.315" long rod. This eliminates the oil ring problem (if it is a problem) that PSIG mentioned. The downside is that they result in a little more rod angularity than a 5.4" rod.
Tue that. However, for those not wanting to deal with the pin issue at all, it's a viable choice. The rod ratio only changes by 0.02, which is a non-issue for 99.5% of engines out there, especially for street where stroker rod ratios often dip to the low 1.40's. Even at those low ratios, there are plenty of 100,000 to 250,000 mile engines running out there.

Don't let short ratios or pin gaps bother you. Just look at the zillions of Honda 1.6L engines out there with 300,000+ miles and a shorter rod/stroke ratio. Or the famous Chev 454 or 400. One side-note for street engines though, is that the shorter rod increases angle, but it also allows a longer piston skirt to stabilize in the bore. The longer skirt more than makes-up for the increased angle and side-load in a street engine. Hypereutectic pistons with their close bore fit also favor better stability with lower wear and reduced rocking to increase ring seal and reduce skirt cracking. Still, will you actually drive it enough to ever wear it out? Really? They all work so take your pick and have fun.


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