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Re: 347 Stroker Pistons

the 185 afr's will make a lot of hp and are what i would use unless you want monster hp . . get the stiffer springs and 7/16" studs if you run high spring pressures or over 6500 rpm.

here's one good middle of the road cam.

i would mill the block so the pistons are around .003" below the deck . . this will also square the deck to the crank if they do it right

you can also have it bored and honed with torque plates . . if you plan on using more torque than stock on the head bolts, this might be a good idea and have the plates torqued to the spec you will use.

the quality of the rings is important, i would use plasma moly with a barrel shape.

je std pro seal, barrel face top ring plasma moly inlay?, tapered second, file fit

je premium pro seal barrel face top ring plasma moly coated, reverse twist tapered second ring, file fit, $114.00

the most common piston materials are 2618 and 4032 . . the 4032 is high silicon content which is low expansion material so you can run tight piston clearances which is my preference, especially in something that has a short skirt.

je srp, 1.1 compression height, 5cc volume, 423 grams, .927 pin od, .030” p/n - 140689-8 . . this uses the close ring spacing psig mentioned to keep the pin from being in the lower ring land . . this will be around .006” below the deck on your block if it is unmilled . . you need to verify your pin diameter on your rods . . pin intersects oil ring . . .

mahle power pak pistons forged 4032 aluminum, 395? grams, pin 118 grams, .927 pin . . file fit rings model unknown, they make 3 types . . $792.00

same mahle kit as above only $557.00

pre fit rings

probe 1.090 ch, 2618 aluminum, .912 pin

. . . .



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