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Re: 347 Stroker Pistons

Originally Posted by jonnys View Post
I did not know about torque plates good tip there indeed.
its really a little bit anal to do that but i like to do it on some apps especially strokers like this and especially if i am using low expansion pistons and even more so if i am using higher torque on the head bolts than stock . . it only costs me around $45.00 more to get it done this why so its also pretty cheap . . i also run most of my engines at 180 or 185 as opposed to 192 for several reasons.

Originally Posted by jonnys View Post
What pistons use buttons for the ring support.
i don't know nowadays, perhaps psig would, but again, good rings will be a good defense against oil burning . . also having someone that knows what they are doing when boring and honing . . some shops accept a bore that might be tapered by .0005" or more when they are done . . others shops will fix this on a fancy power hone machine.

Originally Posted by jonnys View Post
Daft question why do they do two different diameter rod ends.

xlnt question, lol.

i also saw you mention motorcycles . . i was in charge of the r and d department for a very big motorcycle mfg for several years and did a bit if racing myself so i am familiar with weisco pistons..

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