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Re: 347 Stroker Pistons

as far as piston brand goes, if you are not running a blower, i would run the low silicone type pistons like the je srps or mahles.

as far as rings go, i would run good mahles on mahle pistons or the je's i posted on je pistons.

measure the pistons before boring . . as mentioned, read the instructions very carefully . . i like to bore them in the tight side and break them in for 500 miles before i beat on it and keep the engine cool with a good cooling system and the 180-185 thermostats.

the mahles are not normal pistons . . they have a special coating so they get bored to extremely tight tolerances . . do not bore them looser than spec . . mercedes uses them . . most piston mfgs give different tolerances for mild street, high perf street, and another for racing . . i don not know if mahle does . . i would contact them directly for clearance info if there is only one spec given

as you know from your bikes, running a tight bore hard on a hot engine will not be pretty . . patience is a virtue and engine saver . . this is obviously not a bike you can re-ring in a few hours plus i would guess you do not want to rebuild it again...ever, lol.

after the tight bore and slow break in, these rings will last a very, very long time.

i would be a bit hesitant about doing a full plateau finish especially if your guy is nit experienced at it . . i would prefer to have greater likely hood of a good ring seal and give up an additional 10,000 miles of ring life if the rings will last for maybe 60 or 70k anyway.

be aware that many rings require "file" fitting . . i have done this a zillion times but i hate it . . unless yiu have done it and have the proper tool you might consider buying pre-fit rings . . it is eady to break the moly off the ring . . after grinding, the edges need to be debured . . one problem with this is that je does not have pre fit rings for these pistons for some reason.

after the break in, i would seriously consider switching to royal m purple xpr or xps oil . . it has a boat load of zddp and other fancy stuff.

i don't believe in 5w-15 oils for street cars . . even though it is synthetic, i would run around 15w-30 . . you will maybe get 2 million miles out of your engine with it or at least more than you would with good non synthetic.

i would not use mobil 1.

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