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Re: C4 won't shift into reverse or park suddenly

Originally Posted by awiz88 View Post
Ok so here is where I am confused. When you say remove the shifter at the transmission and try to select all ranges -- I'm not sure how to do that? In the pic of the transmission I posted, do I remove that whole unit (in the red circle) to be able to try and shift through the gears manually?
Yes. I think you are thinking about this too hard. As I said:
Originally Posted by PSIG View Post
... I would first attempt to isolate the issue as either internal or external to the transmission, by crawling (safely) under and detaching the linkage at the trans shift lever/arm. If the trans can be placed into R or P manually at that point, you know it's external (linkage/shifter). If it won't, it's a trans issue, and the valve body and internal parking pawl linkage would be the next targets. ...
So, simply disconnect the shifter linkage rod from the transmission shift arm at the point shown in the red circle of the 1st photo. I know, it's a C6 in that photo, but it's generally the same on a C4. Once the shift linkage is disconnected, you should be able to move the transmission's little shift arm by hand, to select any and all gears. Can you do that?


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