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Re: 2007 Ford Mustang GT500 with only 178 miles

I loved my 06 mustang since the day I FINALLY picked it up after a stressful 7 months...5 months waiting, carhauler smashed it unloading, couldnt even get a test drive...reordered, picked it up december 05.

stayed up late to watch the speed channel 'reveal' of the revamped 2010 mustang- hoping I wouldnt like it, hoping I wouldnt 'have to have it'... well, I hated it. hated it so bad, next morning called and ordered a 09 identical to my 06, which I had just paid off... flatbedded from michigan to dealer, to home. its now been here more than six years, sitting under a cover in the garage- still not even test driven. had 3.4 miles when dropped off, now at 4.9, just from moving it around every few weeks.

dumb? yes. 'investment'? no. but- i never 'missed' the car at all, as I drive the same car every chance I get till salt comes out...I just extended the payment on a car I never minded making the payments on, to have a 'rewind' button for the sad day whenever the 06 gets wrecked/stolen/or hopefully just wore the hell out... will the 09 degrade sitting there- certainly, and it still needs oil changes to keep condensation and such at bay...every few weeks, fully warm it up, steer lock to lock, run the AC, cycle the heat controls/windows, move the seats a little, etc... just to keep all the little stuff that usually moves, moving... put in a half gallon of sunoco 89 w/a little sta-bil as needed, a couple times a year(keeping tank near empty is not good, but knew if filled it would go stale... newer tanks are coated, hopefully its not degrading much). car is almost as delivered except for oil/filter, and I oiled the bare metal bits underneath, and wd-40 sprayed/wiped down all the aluminum/magnesium stuff under the hood- so engine is a darker gray than brand new, but none of the whitish corrosion that would otherwise have formed on raw castings... and of course the damned hood paint bubbled up just like every other 2005-2014 mustang aluminum hood has or will...I popped the bubbles, peeled away the loose paint, scraped out the white corrosion and acid treated it- so far so good, it hasnt spread, and can only be seen with the hood open, looking from underneath at the lip- like every other mustang. still smells new, still has some of the plastic wrap on the interior, but its falling apart from age...
'investment' was not the intent at all, at least not in a monetary sense... I'd always said if i coulda went back in time, i woulda squirreled away a new 69 fastback- well that wasnt gonna happen, but I loved the 06 enough, and at the time had means to stash a spare away, so extended my payment for a few more years. Oddly, time has really flown by, and now the forgotten 09 is kinda a white elephant- weird as it is likely the only undriven non-shelby/lowly base mustang GT- i bet theres loads of stashed away shelbys that collectors were hoping to flip for a fast buck in a few years time, to each his own, but to me- i love cars like old pets or something, tend to keep then 'forever' compared to most folks. but the 09 has become a weird/sad/waste in a way, but in another way- is a near perfect time capsule of one of the last of(in my opinion) the 'most bang for the buck' cars ford ever put out...I'll never get a new V8 mustang for 2400 that my 69 had been new, or 24,000 that the 09 was new...inflations pushes prices up- but wages havent risen in proportion, so really, cars are still getting way too expensive. I think in my opinion/budget, the base 2009 mustang gt deluxe may have been the end of the 'everyday guy' new V8 ponycars- I just happened to fall in love with the looks/color/ride/sound/etc, and we ended up with three of the darn things(wifes 07 is a v6). Aside from the ****ty aluminum hood paint failures, these cars have been trouble free and a absolute ball to drive(again, the forotten 09 isnt missed as I drive its exact equal every day) by far best cars I ever owned.

my 06 got deeper wheels, different mufflers, tune, shaker hood, SHR louvers, and did replace the clutch disk only last spring(50 bucks from NTO), otherwise, its as it was almost ten yrs ago- still as fun to drive as the day I picked it up.

will the 09 degrade- im sure it will as everything does- but barring the garage falling on it, it should be a weird museumpiece one day...maybe even worth more than it cost, even with inflation- but I certainly wouldnt bet on that...but it is definitely a time capsule from my second favorite mustang era, and possibly the last undriven S197 anywhere- i dunno why, but i think thats kinda 'neat' for lack of a better word- maybe 'weird', stupid, or lots of other words fit better to others thinking- mine too sometimes, but it is becoming a little more unique every year. hopefully the 06 will outlast me, and maybe the 09 will wind up in a museum someday as some fool of a mustang fan's folly, but thats ok- these were such neat cars.

Imagine if you came into possession of the last undriven 69 fastback, but you had a lightly used/worn one you drove every day that was similar- would you 'lose' that 'last new one' status to drive it, if it was no different than your daily? I think its kinda neat in a waste of a way, just because of the weird situation that it evolved into...just dont want it to wind up like the 'buried car' 57 chrysler they put in the 50 yr vault- that flooded and rotted that poor brand new car to dirt while it THAT was a crying shame.

heres our 4 lowly base model shelbys, big options, none of that... the poor old 69 on a spit, the 06 gt stick, the 09 gt stick, the wifes 07 v6 auto
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