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Re: 352 to a Stroker

Nothing wrong with an early 352 head, but add up the costs and see if they are worth it. If you need seats, guides, valves, springs and assembly, often the Edelbrocks are a better buy, but sometimes they aren't if you have decent prices in your area

Deeproots gave a decent recommendation for a cam, I did a 270H in a 445 for my truck and it worked out nice, but realize that it's tough to buy off the shelf parts to build a 445 at under 10:1 compression, and 10:1 with a 270S or 270H is really right on the ragged edge of being fuel friendly in a 445. I actually retarded my 270H by 4 degrees and it did well, line up dot to dot, it likely would have been a bit more fussy. Less cam would be tougher unless you bought custom pistons to drop the compression

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