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Re: 393W not running up to expectations

Originally Posted by k718cougar View Post
The 351W it replaced used the same components as listed above and ran 12.09. Again, it too should have run quicker. What are we missing?
A set of these . . intake 315 exhaust 235 @ .650 with only 195 cc runners with small diameter valve springs

Air Flow Research

or these

intake 321 exhaust 227 @ .600 with a 205 cc runner with small diameter valve springs

Trick Flow® Twisted Wedge® 11R 205 Cylinder Heads for Small Block Ford TFS-52616601-C03 -

In stock form, the Windsor Seniors flow around in 240 ex 150 . . I know yours have had some work done but just how much? . . In addition to the intake flow, the exhaust flow on those heads kinda sucks and has a poor ratio to the intake of around 66% . . The AFR's have an ex to in ratio of around 74 and the Trick flows are around 70% . . I think a custom cam would work better than that Lunati with those heads . . I would give Chris Straub a call [don't email] and see what he says . . He is one of the top cam grinders in the Country.

I know this doesn't directly answer your question buy it's all I got for now.

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