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66 289 274H gt40p issues

I wanted to upgrade this engine a little bit so I did a few thing after some research and now I've got problems. I should have left well enough alone but I guess I'm fat headed. Here is the story..... Dad had the motor built about 8-10 yes ago. I asked him what he put in it. He had no idea so I decided to look for a cam, heads, intake. I wanted a little bit more power and a cam that had some lope to it. I know now that I should have left the cam alone but I couldn't help it. I pulled the heads one weekend and swapped in gt40p's this went okay little longer push rods and I was in business. I ordered a 274H because I figured I would get the nice sound out of it and still have street ability no need for a stall being that the car has 4spd. Manual. No vacuum issues as the breaks are manual. I stabbed the cam last week and found that the pushrods were a bit to short, I called comp and asked if the lobe base circle could be smaller on this cam than the cam that was originally in the car (comp 268H didn't know this until I pulled it out and saw the stencils on the end). The tech told me that it is possible to have a smaller base circle. I called summit and ordered longer pushrods .045 and put them in (.025 for lifter preload) I'm on stamped steel stock pedestals btw. Now I have a lot of valve noise from a couple of the valves. Sounds like there is lifter/rockers. Any suggestions? Could it be that I have P/v issues? I didn't check p/v clearance. I know I'm an idiot for not doing so. This thing is all stock fly cut Pistons. I used 93 cobra head gaskets btw.
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