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Clean Up, Inspection, Rear Brakes

Like all old cars that have been sitting around a while, this '66 Galaxie was no exception and it was quite messy as it had also been used as a storage for not only the trim for itself but a lot of other junk from the salvage yard type of area where it was found. Austin spent a day cleaning up the mess and trying to get the interior at least "breathable" and spider free.

A full day of cleaning by him before he left with the rest of the family for a short vacation trip and the interior was much better. I followed up the next day and completed the vacuum and cleaning and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the floors in the car.

The outside of the car was pretty chalked up with a lot of mold taking hold of the old paint. There was some nice overall patina living there but it really needed a clean up. We knew the car had SOME hail damage from looking at it before buying it but I was a little surprised at how much damage is actually there that was visible once the mold and dirt was washed off. A bit disappointing to see all the dings but hey, it's obviously an Oklahoma car that has lived outside most of it's life with that much damage and has survived a hammering or two during it's 50 years of life.

Might be able to see some of the hail damage here. It's all over the car though. I did buy a paintless dent repair (PDR) kit to play with trying to get some of the dents out but the current concept is to keep the paint and patina so we'll see how the repair process goes.

Although a disc conversion is really planned on the front, converting the rears seemed like overkill at the moment especially as we are trying to keep this a lower budget project. The rear drums on the car are the wider big car drums and with a complete rebuild should work fine. For less than $60 new wheel cylinders, shoes and hardware can get the rear brakes in good working order. We did go ahead and replace the rear axle bearings and seals while we had it pulled down that far to make sure the rear end side is good for a long time. We also replaced the rear axle bearings while down this far just because.

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