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Proper '66 Front Grill / Roughing Out Plans

We received the proper '66 grill and for the price it seems pretty nice. Few dings and scratches but they can be cleaned up and it came with mounting brackets and turn signals which was needed. I believe I understand the grills correctly in that this is a standard type of grill and the four light version is an XL grill?

Pulled the brackets and turn signal brackets off and sand blasted and painted while we had a little bit of warmer weather. I think I saw here where someone use the aluminum duct tape in the reflector area, may give that a try on this one.

I guess we didn't really lay out the overall plan up front, and I'm sure it will change along the way, but currently the basic concept is simple on the outside leaving the paint and patina for the most part, an EFI 5.0 or stroker motor with some GT40/P or other heads if we find them, a mild cam and either one of the C4 trans we have here or maybe a 4R70W with a home built Arduino controller on it.

I'm sure some of the purist will not like the under hood look, but the goal is to build an EFI / automatic car using as much of the parts we we already have and trying to keep it all affordable. The EFI parts were planned for the 69 Mustang and I have figured most of that process out but dropped back to carb for nostalgia purposes since I've had the Mustang since 1974.

With that said here is some roughing out of how the manifold and intake might work out. What I had for the '69 actually seems to fit in the Galaxie just fine, but then again there is a LOT more room in the Gal. Likely will relocate the battery to the trunk just because or worse case to the drivers side in order to mount the filter on the right side.

On the down side, when we pulled down the 5.0 EFI engine I had sitting around and what we planned on using for the base and for all the front engine accessories, we found it had either been run dry or run dirty as the rod and main bearings and crank are toast. Back to the drawing board on that one unless the crank in the old 80's engine that is in the car is usable. The only other options I have is a 289 crank/rod set or a Boss 302 crank and the 289 just doesn't seem worth it and the Boss crank needs to go to some Boss 302 restorer some day.

Hate to spend money on a stroker kit but that may be the best way to make sure the shortblock is good for the long run.

For now we'll pull the rest of the 5.0 apart and make sure the block is good and start getting it prepped for a rebuild. Sad thing was the cylinders look really nice and there is next to no ring groove up top. However with the possibility of spraying the engine with a NEX Nitrous dry kit we have at some point forged pistons may well be worth it in the long run.

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