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Re: Magnus 1965 Fairlane

Originally Posted by royster View Post
Nice work Magnus, I went to many shows up here last summer, I think I saw one 65 Fairlane!
Have you had a chance to test out your p.steering? Wondering what you think of the Unisteer set up.
Thanks man! Yeah not many of them around. In someways its really cool driving something different, Like when every where you go people stop & stare. Sometimes its a P.I.T.A. like when trying to find parts and folks just stare at you like you grew a second head.

I haven't tried it yet. Won't be testing out the steering outside of pumping the air out & running it on & off the trailer until after I get it all assembled then in & out of the alignment shop. It should be really different between new brakes, new steering, new suspension, stiffer chassis and the addition of sound deadening. Right now I can't start it as I've shaved off the old battery tray & haven't run the wires or installed the battery box yet.

In other news I ran into an issue running brake lines today & have decided I am going a different route with that so I lost pretty much a whole day farting around with that. I did get my other rear brake on & I also changed out the thermostat that was leaking so it's not a total loss. Also at least now I have a plan with my brake lines & know for sure where they are going. May not get anything done next week with Easter unless I can cram it into Saturday.
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