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Re: Magnus 1965 Fairlane

Thanks man!

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the wheel clearance now. I have some pictures I posted earlier with it on the ground but I din't take any close ups. The tires clear but they are tucked in there. I have installed all the interior and it is at the shop now to see about getting an alignment. I'll post pictures of the interior later.

It drove pretty good over to the shop but the steering felt a little notchy & it it seemed to wander a bit. The car rode great though and the brakes were spot on. Considering it had no alignment on it the wandering was no surprise. I got a call a little bit ago & apparently the universal joint on the intermediate shaft is hitting the mounting bolt on the rack (the notchy feeling) and the rack ends are higher then the center which is causing bump steer (the wandering effect). I went out & looked at it and I could see the issue on the lift that I could not see at home. I had the option of them working on it in their down time and them getting it done in a couple weeks or me doing it at home. Since I'm working on ramps and couldn't even see the problem until it was on a lift (its fine with no weight on the wheels like when on stands) I elected to let them do it. When I spaced the steering column shaft (as shown earlier) Marc mentioned the intermediate shaft may need to be shortened. Well it does and I didn't do it because it looked fine on the stands. That and the rack will need rotated to correct the droop and the binding in the universal joint that is also contributing to the notchy feeling. Like I said I could do all this. And I might be able to even do it within 2 weeks but then I would just have to drive it back out there with no alignment & hope I got it all right this time. This way there is no guessing. Sometimes working out of a 2 car garage sucks. The power steering is nice & the car was WAY easier to turn but the installation has got to have been one of the biggest P.I.A. of the whole build. So much for a "drop in, bolt on" kit.

I can tell you I am running 215/60R15 Kelly Charger GT tires on American Racing Outlaw I wheels. The wheels are 15x7 with 3.76" of backspace. The tires are 25" tall and 9" wide on those wheels. The tires clear lock to lock just fine on the ground and did not rub the 9 miles to the alignment shop. They tuck into the front fenders and to do the alignment they will have to measure off the wheels and not off the tires since the machine wont fit on the tires with more backspace you'd be better off. Before all of this my brakes, suspension, & steering severely limited performance on the car. I think now the tires may be the limiting effect after the alignment & steering fix. I'll test it out once I get back to be sure but usually you can get a whole lot more out of a car on max performance summer tires than on all season performance tires. If I do that I'll keep the diameter the same and go with a 17" wheel so I have a wider tire choice. I'd probably do more offset in the front so I clear & go with more off set in the back so I can go way wider. When I get the car back I'll try to remember to get close ups of the front tires.

The 65's are pretty cool I agree. Nothing else looks like them. The 62's & 64's are mostly the same car though under the exterior sheet metal so check out the builds in this forum on those cars as well. Here is a link to another cool 65: I look forward to seeing a build thread on your car!
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