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77 T-bird camshaft replacement (wiped lobe)

I bought this car after it sat for 5 years.

I got it running and it was truly great. Started with the FLICK of the key every time. I put about 200 miles on it and it was a dream.

I got bold and decided to rephase the cam to 0, which I'm glad I did because the chain was ready to jump off.

I drove the car for another 100 miles afterward (and after changing the oil to, yes, synthetic) and once I was coming off the highway, it began. I noticed a very slight stutter in the idle. As the year went on it became more and more noticeable to the point that now it's practically a dead miss, but only at idle. Above idle, it shows no signs of anything wrong.

I'd had enough. 5,000 miles I've driven like this and was never happy with the lope in idle, so after spending a year looking at every possibility, I pulled the manifold and there it was. The #4 exhaust lifter was dark from heat, and the cam lobe looked like it was sanded with low grit sand paper.

Is it possible to replace this camshaft without pulling the motor?

With this lope having been there for a year and 5,000 miles, what else should I be worried about? Would the uneven forces wear out the main bearings, hammer the big-end bearings, wear wrist pins ???

Thanks for any advice.
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