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Re: 77 T-bird camshaft replacement (wiped lobe)

Originally Posted by Mason81 View Post
I definitely plan on that. I will have to clear a path straight out the front of the bird, removing that big grill too. Amazing it could actually be done.

What do you people think might have caused this and is it likely that whatever caused this could strike again? Maybe a pumped up (gunked bleed hole) lifter? Maybe a lifter that was stuck in its bore? Maybe a stuck valve? I just want to make sure I can put this thing back together without being paranoid that it's going to happen again.

What damage might I have caused driving like this? How likely is it that I can have that lobe reground and hardened? If I can reuse it, I would just replace whichever lifter goes to its respective lobe for only the lobes that were reground, right?
My dad had a '76 tbird which was very similar to your '77. 460 motor I believe. Used to take it out back then and Race around with my friends on the way to the disco boogie joints.

I say Race loosely because it definitely a cruiser and not fast by any means, but us kids would beat it up anyhow. The lobe may have wiped because of the synthetic oil especially if it didn't have any zinc in it. Can't imagine the lobe pressure was very high on the lifter though if it was a stock 460. Just the same, the engine was designed for oils that had zinc in them. You've got metal particles in the oil now so hopefully the oil filter did its job and caught most of it. You could still have some damage to the bearings as a result. Replace the cam and all of the lifters. Don't reuse any of the old lifters. If you can, remove the pan and clean it out and replace the oil pump too. Otherwise, put a new cam in and use oil with good amount of zinc and see how it runs may be fine.

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