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Re: 1964 ford Galaxie Custom

Originally Posted by nytling92 View Post
1 What size is that front front sway bar? 2 And how wide? 3 And where to get it? 4 How did you align the LCA bolts? On the pass side my bolts don't line up well. I can get the bolts in the Fatman control arm but I can see that is not perfect. You ran the Fatman arms that way with no problem? Thank you for your time.
The sway bar I am currently running is a 1 3/8 solid bar. The bar is 37 1/2 inches long. you can get this stuff form stock car parts shops or even ebay pretty reasonable.
When I bolted the fatman arms in I just forced them in, didn't really think much of it. I don't think the control arm can line up perfectly because the front bolt is maybe 1/4 of an inch off due to the straight bolt setup. When I installed my arms I went to the rare parts setup on the front control arm mounts. I used a old steering shaft and sleeves to see how far out of wack the holes were. I used a dremel to open up the rear control arm mount. I welded a thick washer over elongated holes, I also added the second shear for each bolt which I wanted to do anyway. -63/64 Galaxie info
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