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Re: 69 ranchero restoration

Moving on to floor pans.

I'm of the old school of body repair theory "replace only what's needed", so we cut our new panels up and use the chunks we need rather than cutting out good sections of original metal.

My one and only shop employee besides myself, has gotten very good at fitting panels.

This repair area is covered by a chunk of the front pan and a chunk of the rear pan, that's why it's so pieced together. The slits are from the pan manufacturer, reliefs cut prior to stamping. The panels again were by sherman and I have to say I think whey are very good floor repair stampings.

We took the repairs out to the inner rocker, floated seams over floor brace flanges where possible and fit for butt joint on open spans. I like to do it this way, I really don't care for overlaps anywhere in my body repairs.

the car will go onto a rotisserie next week, then we will roll it outside and blast the belly, coat with black epoxy.

After that we will be waiting for a pair of quarter panels to arrive from Arizona.

Shaw Classic Auto Works.
Badger MN
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