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Re: 390 stroker block prep question

So you can measure the block through the bore using a 12 inch caliper, it'll get you very close if you are careful, and then you calculate the reciprocating assembly (stack) height as mentioned above.

10.170 is stock, but you have to measure to the main bearing saddle and then add 1/2 the main bearing bore size to get you to the number accounting for theoretical crank centerline.

If you were really fancy, you could make a slug that coult be bolted between two main caps and is drilled to exactly 1/2 depth and measure from deck to the bottom of that hole, but sorta overkill for what you need to know.

Be sure to measure at least all 4 corners, so you know which the shortest part of the deck is

Once you know what is possible, most modern shops nowadays can center their machine on crank centerline and hit the number you ask for. My last one I just told my machinist to make it 10.160, one deck got barely cut, you could still see staining, the other side got a decent cut

Good idea to measure ahead of time though, because Barry can easily get you pistons designed for a 10.160 or 10.155 deck, and if you were really in an odd place, Brent Lykins does a lot of work with Racetech and can get pretty affordable pistons in any dimension you want

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