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update on the 306 high rpm (7800rpm) high compression (12.0.1) afr 220 heads build ok so I wanted to keep posting updates on the route and end results of this build so people like me can have a inside look at what it takes to build your own racing motor and drag car so after talking with a guy on here (turbo2256b) and some simple math I have decided that to take advantage of the AFR 220 heads I would need close to 8800 rpm so I have got with comp cams that specked out a cam for me that will make power to 7800 rpm and I would shift some were around 8200 rpm with that said I just bought some forged rods that are 5.090 stock length that are full floating with bushed ends and have arp 7/16 rod bolts good for 8200rpm and 1000hp I know that they are over kill but like my big heads I would rather have more then not enough so the rods should be here Monday 4/10/2017 and I will take the new rods pistons and crank to be balanced I also bought thicker heads gaskets to bring down the compression from 13.4.1 to 12.0.1 because it will see some street time if anyone has any question's about this build please leave a massage or if you see any problems with this build also let me know what you would do different thanks again for your reply's (turbo2256b) and what are the pro's and cons of using e85 fuel if you have used it please weigh in on that subject thanks
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