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Shaft rockers for AFR 205 heads

Good day to all! I have a set of older T&D shaft rockers for stock heads (#7300-60-60) that are close to working on my AFR 205 heads, but the rockers are not off-set causing the pushrods to ride significantly to one side (rubbing the head). I want to buy another set of shaft rockers, but they seem to have skyrocketed over the years. So, like everyone else, every penny has to count. Has anyone run a set of T&D Sport Comp shaft rockers (#10020-60-60)? Did you have to clearance them, were there any other modifications needed, were the pushrods centered in the pushrod holes?

In short, I am running a 393W for drag racing with a fair-sized solid roller cam. I may end up selling my current T&Ds (any takers?) to fund the correct set. I have pictures of the rockers if anyone is interested.

While on the same subject, any input on the Jesel Sportsman shafts?

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