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Side finished on Shotrod 64

Well, not completely finished, still needs some welding done to finish it. But it's darn close to being done and much closer than 13 yrs ago or even 3 yrs ago!! Had a blast driving to eugene and back and at the cruise and show n shine i do with my dad every year in eugene. I only caught the last 2 hrs of the show part and dad didn't enter, he said next year he probably will cause he didn't see one flathead out there. He was a bit amazed.

I stopped past Olympia and put the top down. If it started raining again at least traffic was moving and i'd stay dry. I just can't handle the top up, too confining!!
Side finished on Shotrod 64-00000f4f.jpg

In front of the little alpine tavern back home. This is the entire town now as far as a business you can go to.
Side finished on Shotrod 64-0000f4f.jpg

A man flagged me down on the cruise to see if i could take his son and grandson for a ride and he could get pics. The little guy loved it!! An old school mate got this pic.
Side finished on Shotrod 64-0f4f.jpg
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