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Re: Side finished on Shotrod 64

I have to post this one! I borrowed a fake rooster from an old guy here last summer to go with the poultry thing, then this winter he became my christmas gift. He is about 20 yrs old or darn close i bet. He once took a flying lesson when he forgot to take the leash off the antenna of his model T and put the bird in the car. Poor guy went several miles that way!! lol

But here he is, like a dog, waiting on me to get out of the tavern, or that's how it looks anyway. Cracked me up when i was outside and decided i had to get a pic.

Side finished on Shotrod 64-000000f4f.jpg

This young lady in the back i had no idea who she was, but the furry guy there that passed on early this year knew her. She climbed in during the cruise a couple years ago. At his memorial i found out she was the daughter to a girl i went to school with and partied with back in the day. Small world.

Side finished on Shotrod 64-dennis.jpg

This pic is this years, again picked her up at Napa along with her brother and 2 employees. Found that's where she worked...duh. She is so much like her mother too, crazy girl!!
Side finished on Shotrod 64-000f4f.jpg

Rooster He made up the sign when he loaned him to me.
Side finished on Shotrod 64-13938405_10154526945047994_5752948637656846124_n.jpg

This is the original rooster's owner's car. He is a big Jr Johnson fan and this is the flying lesson vehicle. He always has a mannequin lady in the car with him who gets a lot of harassment from his friends!
Side finished on Shotrod 64-img_8531a.jpg
Side finished on Shotrod 64-img_8545a.jpg

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