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Father/Son Project: Build Ford Big or Small Block?

My son (age 10) and I are planning a Muscle car or Hot Rod project. Recently a piece of good fortune has fallen into our lap. A local gentleman who has a vast array of engines has offered my son a free stock engine of his choice. We have no idea what a given engines condition is or what it came out of. This is great because we want to build the engine and later install it into a Ford that has yet to be determined. We have decided we want the engine to be non-turbo or supercharged, no nitrous and non fuel injected. In other words, and these are his words not mine, no cheating for power. Boring, headers, head work, etc., are OK. Our questions are this, small or big block? Any particular engine we should ask for? The only limitations are it must be a Ford and it must be "buildable". Any suggestions?
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