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302 bolt on help

Hello need help figuring out what exactly I need for my 302. Im wanting heads cam lifters intake carb heads and headers. The parts place doesn't tell you what work with what. Imjust trying to get as close to 300 hp and dont know if this is possible without bore and stroke. Please help
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Re: 302 bolt on help

Said heads twice sorry
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Re: 302 bolt on help

Yes it is easily done with the right parts..When you say heads are you meaning aftermarket or stock?..Also is this engine already built and you want to swap parts over or are you starting from scratch?

Your typical 302 or 5.0 with 9.0-10:1ish compression with trick flow 170 heads or edelbrock performer rpms or afr 165s would be a good starting point...Add a performer rpm or air gap intake, 600-650 cfm carb and long tube headers.. Camshaft specs are dependant on vehicle wieght,gearing,trans type etc so more details would be needed but figure something in the 220-230 duration @.050 and probably 500-550Lift as ballpark figures..

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Re: 302 bolt on help

the engine is a 71 302 3 speed manual (which my father in law has sitting around) going into a 66 fairlane. The motor has not been worked but runs strong for a stock engine o want aftermarket heads a good sounding lope and performance. I am pretty sure its a 8 inch rear end the car started of with a 289 2 speed transmission so im sure what I am after is a big step up from my stock 289 I hope?
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Re: 302 bolt on help

Was just checking out a dual 4 Barrel carb and intake and was wondering if I could use it with what im trying to build. I want to change carb intake heads cam headers. I like the high rise intake but dont know if it would work it with stock piston. The carburetors are 450cfm
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Re: 302 bolt on help

I would actually really like to know the answer to this as well. I am not in the exact same situation, but with mine, I could figure out how to do it correctly if someone answers your question.

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Re: 302 bolt on help

They were running 2X4s on sbf's before all these fancy heads came out. I've heard of guys running this set up on low powered sb's and only use the primaries on each carb. They do make a smaller cfm carb too...390cfm carbs might work better.

Getting 300 hp out of an early 289 or 302 with stock heads is possible....Shelby got 350 hp out of his with a little more work...still stock heads for the most part.

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Re: 302 bolt on help

This is the dyno board. Are you talking 300hp at the wheels? (Rwhp) or at the flywheel. Big difference. 250rwhp should be close to 300hp at the engine. Stock heads flow like crap compared to what came out after. It'll take quite a few mods to reach your goal without a head change. And I'm talking about real world SAE horsepower not the crazy overrated numbers they used to use in the 60's and early 70's. Every Bolton plus cam MIGHT get you there.

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Re: 302 bolt on help


That's a good question, he hasn't said what you've asked. Myself.....270+ at the engine is plenty but it does make you wonder just how much they fudged on the hp numbers back in the 60's-70's. There are better heads out there these days if you want to make the big power, never owned a set of aluminum heads just worked over stockers.

Of course there Dyno's weren't as good as they are now either.

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Re: 302 bolt on help

I have a few questions about the 302 myself. I got a stock 302, not quite sure what it came out of, but was cast in 79. Here are my current addons so far. Jegs aluminum intake, 600 holley vac secondary carb, and tri y headers. Eventually I will be adding roller cam an lifters and some new heads. But for the moment, I'm stuck with this current setup. Would a carb spacer benefit me any, or would it be a waste of money?

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Re: 302 bolt on help

Aftermarket cylinder heads FIRST. You will be wasting money trying to get 300 with stock heads. BTW a 350HP Shelby engine had ported , big valve heads, raised compression, and the afore mentioned headers , intake and carb. The "street " engine was 306 HP and barely made it. ( back in '65-66) The heads were always the limiting factor.
I went with a low compression , 408W in my '67 Ranchero. Bolted in and makes 480HP on 87 octane. Gas and oil changes are the only maintainence required.
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Re: 302 bolt on help

hi I'm chris just wanted to drop bye and say I have built a few proven sbf 302 and can tell you that on a stock bottom end 302 with AFR 165 OR TFS 170 OR IF YOU ARE ON A TRUE BUDGET flo-teck 180cc heads and a trick flow stage 2 cam and 9.5.1 compression you will make a lil more then 300 hp even more if you are carbed and use a single plane small plenum long runner intake like the torque 2 intake maybe 350 hp @ fly wheel if you have any ? about my builds just let me know I have used all the heads I have listed with that cam compression ratio intake and 600 holley carb you could make 300 hp with gt40 iron heads with the upgraded springs
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I have a ‘68 Cougar w/a 289. I have a pretty mild combo with stock heads and it runs nice. Comp xe 256 cam, stock heads, performer low rise intake w/ 600 Holley, Pertronix flamethrower 3 dizzy, 1 5/8” full length headers, 9.66:1 comp (if memory serves me correctly). I can’t tell you what the exact hp is, but after resetting and recurving the distributor, it feels like a rocket compared to how it left the factory. If I didn’t have the vacuum headlights, I would have went a tad bigger with the cam, but would probably not see much more power until a head change. Just remember this: a small engine needs torque and velocity as much as anything. Especially in a heavier car. I wouldn’t go much bigger than 170-180cc cc on your intake port size unless you plan on going stoker in your future. I also would go much bigger than around 224 @ .050 either for the same reasons.Too big a cam will be slower in a bigger car. 600 cfm is right where that 302 is going to be happiest. Especially the if you are in a street car with any weight. I don't see how you wouldn't be able to achieve 300 hp with the factory heads though. I mean Ford did 271 HP with the 289 with TINY valves and ports, and like someone else mentioned Shelby best that to the tune of 350 with ported. The Shelby 306 hp 289 still did this with FACTORY heads. And there was really nothing special about the factory hipo heads besides screw in studs and guide plates. Without that, there was no difference between the hipo and non hipo 289 heads as far as port volume. A mild cam within the specs that have already been suggested, good intake like an RPM or RPM air gap, headers, good ignition, and a little tuning should have you pretty dang close if not beyond that with today's camshaft designs. I would stay away from a single plane in your heavy combo for the same reasons that I wouldn't go too big with the cam or the carb. There really is such a thing as too much of a good thing with YOUR heavier car. Keep your velocity high. It will win out over port/plenum volume every day but on an engine dyno shoutout where peak numbers are touted over a good curve. Besides that, if you look at power curves, the RPM dual planes give up very little at high rpms compared to a LOT of single plane intakes, but absolutely kill them on the lower rpm to midrange and are VERY close on the upper end. Which do you think will be faster in the real world? The heads would just put you that much further up that ladder.

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