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kechke 11-08-2010 06:19 AM

Buying from "Pypes"/ -think twice
After confirming with both Diversified Marketing/ and "Pypes" that their True dual V-6 exhaust system would work on a lowered 2005 I ordered and installed the true duals kit from on my 05 last year. Ever since then I have had axel to mid pipe clearance issues ever since. Just about every bump in the road would cause the axel to slam up against the exhaust pipe.
I called Pypes technical help department and they said is no way that the axel will hit the pipe above it. I showed them pictures of the dents in the pipe to prove it. After many hours on the phone with them and dozens of my install photos they could not offer me a solution other than bring it to them in Pennsylvania for an evaluation, an 800 mile round trip for me, - - good thing I don't live in California.
The situation was finally resolved by Da Silvas Racing shop in Toronto but certainly not with any help from Pypes or Newtakeoff. It turns out that the "Pypes" mid pipes are junk, and neither company is willing to take ownership of the midpipes being out of specification.
Below are some pictures I took of the useless junk that was in the Newtakeoff/Pypes kit. After seeing my photos the miopic tech boys at Pypes still say they have a product that works.
I ended up using a set of GT Ford mid pipes and now have plenty of axel to pipe clearance.
There is a 3 inch difference in the rise between the Ford O/E and Pypes part, you gotta be dumber than a bag of hammers not to see that the "Pypes" mid pipe is not going to work.
The last photo is Joe Da Silva holding the Ford pipe beside the Pypes part for comparison. Joe who also writes technical articles for Mustang magazines is very well known in Mustang tuning and drag circles. He even tried to talk to Pypes teckkies for me about the problem and they blew him off for intervening, some customer service they have.
Any one with a lowered Mustang should seriously reconsider using that system, even a stock Mustang will have interference issues at extended suspension travel.

FEandGoingBroke 11-08-2010 07:44 AM

Re: Buying from "Pypes"/ -think twice
That's why I have my pipes made with the car in the air at the exhaust shop. no worries.

Glad you got it fixed.

dacofaII 11-08-2010 05:08 PM

Re: Buying from "Pypes"/ -think twice
I put a set of BBK coated headers and American Muscle dual exhaust catback system on my son's 07 V-6, auto, lowered Mustang. Fit perfectly and the sound is much better. They bolted to the stock pipes at the cats and the Xpipe was perfect fit. Everything over the axle and where the mufflers fit looks like factory and no LEAKS either.
American Muscle parts are highly recommended by me and they work very closely with you to make you happy on every part I've gotten from them. :tup:

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