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67stang 07-28-2010 08:30 AM

Announcement from
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FordMuscle Fans,

We are proud to announce to you today some exciting and necessary changes at FordMuscle. We are partnering with the good folks at to manage and continue to grow what has become one of the largest Ford enthusiast websites online or elsewhere. Effective today, will own and operate the FordMuscle Forums, under the URL (and

Many of you are well aware that FordMuscle began in 1999 as a small web-publication created by hobbyists with the focus of providing technical content to the Ford enthusiast. Soon thereafter we created a forum and this combination of content and forums resulted in a community of over 170,000 unique visitors worldwide. Many of you have watched and helped us grow along this eleven year span. While we always strive to present to you the best possible website with the least possible disruptions and inconveniences, in the background were the challenges and costs of managing such a large community, hobby, and business. In the past several years we have struggled with keeping up with server loads, hackers, and advances in web technology. Frankly, we have been bothered by the fact that we just can't deliver the best experience that you our loyal readers deserve.

As with any business you must look for ways to be effective and efficient, and that often means realizing your core competency and finding others to do things you aren't so good at. excels at running automotive enthusiast forums. They are on top of the technology, they have faster and more secure servers, and more people to manage it all. Therefore we are confident that our decision to put the FordMuscle Forums in their hands is a good one. It will also allow us to get back to our strengths, which is bringing you exceptional Ford related content.

While there will be slight changes, and yes change takes a little bit of time to get used to, it does prove itself for the better (those of you who remember our forum upgrade a few years back can attest to that!) The FordMuscle staff of Chirag, Jon and Chris will still be around, we'll still be accessible, and we'll still be involved, but our focus will be continuing to build while our friends at will build

Chirag Asaravala and Jon Mikelonis

administrator 07-28-2010 09:31 AM

Re: Announcement from

Just introducing myself to you, My name is Phil, Iím a Community Director for So you are all familiar AutoGuide manages a number of different online communities. Currently I personally manage all of our sports some motorcycle, some import car and a Tractor Forum, and will be joining the Ford Muscle Forum Team.

What are our intentions?

We bring reliability, support and the infrastructure needed to ensure that the community will be around for years to come. Itís our goal to work with the staff of Ford Muscle as a team to help provide the resources and required to give this community a broader reach, to attract new members to better the overall knowledge shared in the community.

Will leadership change?

Continuity is the focus here, Your Admins and Mods work very hard to keep the walls and the roof up in this place we are just here to make sure the lights stay on. Every community is unique and should always be respected in that regard. You guys have established your own unique rules and regulations and a strong reputation that is carried by all of this and itís important that we maintain this level of integrity.

What am I here for?

My primary role is to work on the technical aspect of the site and work with the existing staff. I will check in to make sure regular maintenance is all taken care of and keep things running smoothly from behind the scenes and soon have the site running smoother and faster then ever before.

I do look forward to getting to know you all and this unique community better.


cougarmandan 07-28-2010 08:32 PM

Re: Announcement from
I am always glad to hear that measures are being taken to increase the security of any information what i have stored on the internet. I can certainly understand turning over the technical aspects of hosting a website over to people who specialize in it and have a reputation for reliability and security. The thing that attracted me to this site was the awesome articles on practical things like EFI, and such that are specific to Ford. So now that you are free from what I would consider a huge responsibility, I expect you guys will need some time to decompress but after that, we will expect more technical articles on how to do stuff that we want to do. I have a hundred questions right now, like is the price of annual membership going to change? How about free someday? Are you still going to benefit if the site grows and maintains i.e. do you still have financial interest in it? What can we expect in the future for Article? Where do we submit our requests? I got lots of questions, but I'll stop and welcome our new partners. Welcome We are family here. You are now part of what we believe to be an elite group enthusiastic and creative individuals. I hope that this move works out great for everyone involved. Welcome.

n2omike 07-28-2010 09:05 PM

Re: Announcement from
From what read, it seems only bad things happen after a website gets bought out by Autoforums.

garner67 07-28-2010 11:58 PM

Re: Announcement from

Originally Posted by n2omike (Post 1589379)
From what read, it seems only bad things happen after a website gets bought out by Autoforums.


While I understand it becomes a economical decision to get away from managing a huge online community (time, money, hassle, etc), the core "community" seems to evolve/change or even dissolve when a large corporate entity takes the helm of good grass roots forum.

Oh well, I hope FM Forums retains some of the good ol' boys that put it on the map.

Congrats and condolences.

kenash 07-29-2010 03:42 AM

Re: Announcement from
I'll refrain from making any pre-conceived judgments until judgment day.
Good Luck and Happy Motoring!

trinogt 07-29-2010 04:19 AM

Re: Announcement from
I think things will work out fine! I have seen other Ford sites become BETTER when help steps in, like with Ford Trucks. Still arguably the best truck site on the web... This site should do it for Ford classics in general. Keep it professional, keep the spelling and grammar in check, and all will be well... There is no better auto than a Ford!
Mark Hancharuk
Ford Sales
Prestige Ford
Mount Dora, Florida

rusty105 07-29-2010 05:02 AM

Re: Announcement from
This is sad.:(

dfree383 07-29-2010 05:05 AM

Re: Announcement from
Chirag Asaravala and Jon Mikelonis

Good Luck on you endevors, you just lost a long time customer and I will not be back.

I really thought you guys where better than this...........

ckelly 07-29-2010 06:53 AM

Re: Announcement from
460Ford seems to be getting on well.

orich 07-29-2010 08:13 AM

Re: Announcement from
Did everyone forget things our not always for ever like a marriage.
You move up on your job or loose it or change it.
$$$$$ is what makes the world turn.

So sit tight lay back and see what happens before per judging is what I've found that works best. Just an old ford man for over 50 yrs..

disevil 07-29-2010 08:31 AM

Re: Announcement from
There are some improvements that could be made no doubt. I will not pass judgement or inject any negativity. There are plenty of people on here who do that so well already.

This is a great site and change is inevitable. I look forward to enjoying this community for many years to come.

dacofaII 07-29-2010 10:14 AM

Re: Announcement from

Originally Posted by kenash (Post 1589404)
I'll refrain from making any pre-conceived judgments until judgment day.
Good Luck and Happy Motoring!

Ditto, change is not always good.

rocherman 07-29-2010 10:35 AM

Re: Announcement from
WHAT is with all the negative vibes man?....

Change can be good...I may not know much about operating a site like
this one...however I can say that the site is crusin' right

Personally...I'll stay around as long as I can....there is just too much
valuable information to be had here!

I cannot believe youse....if ya gotta go...then go...damn shame...

dbu8554 07-29-2010 01:00 PM

Re: Announcement from
*makes some kind of reference about money and not making enough of it as it is and running out of idea's hence selling of the place*

But its ok I will defiantly accept our new talented hacks, over the old no talent hacks.

Welcome Auto Forums!

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