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The first owner of your Galaxie.

For something a little different, I thought it might be fun to see if anyone knows who originally purchased our Galaxies from new, and just maybe, they could be lurking in the background or someone may know them.

My '70 Sportsroof was first bought by a
Samuel E Brown.
Fairchild AFB, Wash.

Where are you LOL?!

2003 Falcon BA XR8 Ute.
1972 Falcon XA GT.
1970 Galaxie 500 Sportsroof.
1963 1/2 Galaxie 500 Fastback.
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

Danv- my parts car 66 galaxie was a one owner car- he bought it brand new and drove it untill 1998 -he wanted a car with air and swapped the galaxie toward a car-- i got it from the little side street dealer that had it sitting out back-- gave 600 dollars for it -the body was rust free- the car had always been garaged

that car and another parts car -i made the galaxie i drive now -- i have the titles for both of them--i know where he lives

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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

I know of a 1965 Four door LTD bought new by a local. He was ONLY owner, as after he died it got put up for sale then (no offers) it was scrapped. Owner worked at an auto electrical place, and had a bunch of toggle switches (with Dymo labels underneath) across the dashboard. A switch here and there would go out, and he must of had plenty of wire and toggles to substitute in then.

Sat for years at an old friend's place visable to freeway with FOR SALE sign in windshield.


Old Ford owner
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

My car was bought brand new at Jack Yarber Ford in Belmont, MS. A man named Albert Balanton picked the car up in the Spring of 62. Mr. Blanton owned the cotton gin and drove the car for many years until his daughter took his license away. The car then sat for many years until a local family that ran an upholstery shop bought it for their 16 year old son. He drove the car for a year and ragged it out. He had plans to turn it into a lowrider with hydraulics and the whole setup. He also drag raced it(a weak little 352) on the weekends. He finaly ripped the transmission out and parked it. I saw the car outside the upholstery shop and stoppd to inquire. They told me the story on the car and we talked about price. The next day I had my new friend towed home and the healing began. Where that 16 year old had treated the 62 with malice, I would show compassion. That was in 1996.

1962 Galaxie 500 2 door sedan(62A)
402FE/Tremec 3550
The car is named Albert(Big Al, not Big Gal!)
1986 Mustang Notchback. Regatta blue! (My daily driver)
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

My 70 Sportsroof was bought new on November 3, 1969 from Kendall Ford in Eugene, OR. by a Mr. Don Jones. In April of 1981, it had a rebuilt transmission installed at a cost of $335.00. At that time, the car had the 351W and FMX trans. with 147,000 miles on it as stated on the work order. I'm not sure what Mr. Jones did for a living, but the car had a towing hitch installed on of those that took a flat bar into the receiver. When I titled the car in Montana in 1987, I found I was the third owner. Luckily, the original owners manual was still in the car.

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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

As a new fm member I guess I can Highjack this thread.

As the 4 th owner of my 64, Factory right hook, 3904v Auto.
Originally the car was brought by a retired Farmer living just out of Perth, (WAust)
10 odd years ago I drove my 64 to the Original Owners home to show them their old car in it's restored state.
Meeting the old lady showing her their name in the owners manual, she told me that her husband passed away some time back. I got the impression that she didn't/couldn't remember the car!!!
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

Our 65 gal LTD 4door was given to me by my friend/neighbor who bought it new...

Ben Herwick bought the car from his brother Bob Herwick's dealership in Levittown NY. It was Bens first new car, he ordered it, flew to NY, and drove it home 4/29/1965 according to the title transfer.
It was his everyday car up till 1978 when the fullsize merc was about to be downsized, he bought one of the 'last of the big ones' and the gal was only driven a few times a year thereafter.
around 73 or so he had a friend with a 65 merc that wrecked when the frame broke- as a precaution, Ben had his reinforced at a local shop that was doing what seemed like everyones 65~71 ford frame(they really got ate up quick in Ohio salt), and a buddy with a shop 'replaced' the lower quarters as there was some rust starting to show above the lower stainless- sadly the guy slapped a 1/2 quarter over the rusty one and it looked like a old bondo bucket on both sides- really bad paint on the quarters to boot.
our other neighbors said Ben washed the car EVERY day he drove it, and noone ever saw it even dusty- but neighbors kinda gave him a hard time for washing the paint off other neighbor Jim Crawford grew up with Ben, his oldest son married Bens only daughter, so my neighbors on either side had common grandkids- kinda cool/unusual I thought, and both their families were some of the best folks I ever knew. BTW- Bens car has primer on every crease showing till this day, he actually DID wash the paint off of it.
Ben worked at the Reiter Dairy in Barberton Ohio for God knows how many years, 30-40 I'd guess anyway...anyone that worked there from 65~78 I'm sure knew the blue LTD with the white top that always sat a mile away in the back of the lot...and I'm sure he 'talked' to anyone that dared park next to him warning about touching his car- he was VERY particular about his stuff...I saw him at the store one day many years ago with his wife, Maria, who he dropped off at the door of course, and parked at the farthest spot in the lot...not ten spaces from the nearest car, more like 40...but the day we pushed the old gal to my house, there was not a single door ding on it- the only mark on it was a dent by the rear window where something blew off a roof and fell on the car when his daughter took it to college once...she told me how upset/scared/crying she was when she saw it, was afraid Ben was gonna, it wasnt her fault, he didnt say a word...knowing Ben, if someone had 'messed up' and did that to his car, they woulda regretted/remembered it the rest of their lives- which might not have been long

anyway Bens wife died of a aneurism (sp?) and he kinda lost interest in things...she was his life- they met at the end of WWII in Germany, they were married like 60 years...the gal sat forgotten a few years, Ben's health started going downhill fast, he was afraid his daughter would be stuck with a inoperable car and would either get 'taken' by a mechanic overcharging trying to fix it, or she'd have to sell it, likely to get parted out...
so one day he said he decided he wanted me to have the old gal as he thought I'd take care of it, he knew how much I liked fixing up old stuff most folks would throw away...I didnt dare tell him how bad the car was, woulda broke his heart which was pretty broken already, so it went in the garage for a year or so and just sat still...Ben's health improved a bit, and I mentioned one day the frame needed some work for safety reasons, and the body needed to come off to fix first he was like "well its yours, do whatever the hell you want with it" kinda upset at the thought of his baby going thru major surgery...but he watched over the whole process out his bedroom window a lot, and although suprised to see the extent of rot, was really excited to help out any way the new frame came together all shiny, he was pretty happy about the whole thing...we got it finished up, tried to give it back to him, but he refused to take it...he did drive it one more time, grinnin all the time, but a week later, he bumped into someone in his mercury, his fault, and he felt he was too old to drive, and never did again...he passed away 2 days before Thanksgiving of 2004, only a few weeks after Jim Crawford passed away...that was a rough year.
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

I pulled over in front of Kendall Ford once ages ago to put the top down on the shotrod and a salesman come out trying to get me to trade it in. lol Wonder if it's still there or not?

The shotrod was assembled in the LA plant May 5th 1964 and delivered to Seattle. It was sold at Del Ball Ford in Tigard, Oregon June 8, 1964. Two days before my bday. I did find the owner and had to convince him it was his car. I mistakenly called it "red" instead of "lipstick colored" lol He only owned it a couple years and traded it back in for something else. He said he also had a burgundy colored one. His uncle worked a the Ford dealer and he got good deals that way so didn't keep them long.

I'd have to look at the name to spell it correctly but it was something like Zwingly, Zwinglenin or something like that. So an easy name to find really. He lived in Beaverton when he bought it and still lives in the Portland area. I actually think it was his ex that I talked to first. lol

I have approx 8 yrs to fill in and am sure the guy that bought it in '74 doesn't remember who it was he bought it from other than it was an elderly lady and it had sat for a while.


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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

My car, 1970 XL, was bought new by my Grandfather, so I new the first owner well. I am the second owner. He ordered it through the local Ford dealer to get it the way he wanted it.

1970 XL, 351W originally 2V, now 4V
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

My 66 was ordered in San Fran in 65. It spent almost its entire life there. When the man who ordered it passed, he bequeathed it to his son. His son didn't know what to do with it so he gave it to his child hood friend. I got it from him. It was never licensed between the old man and I. On paper, I am the second owner. I have all the records dating back to the original 1965 order form. Has dealer installed AC.

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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

When i got my 67 home i found a blue folder in the back, it has almost every reciept for work and quotes, even has a impound certifcate as the car was impounded for 5 unpaid parking fines.
1 Owner paid $750 for it in 1996.
But the best thing was to find the original owners manual and also a ownercard with the card still on the backing and not taken off.
Seems the original owner was a Doctor, DR Harlon Whitson, has his address but best not post that, but he lived in Canada California and car was purchased from Burbank Ford on the 8/15/67

67 Galaxie 2 door Fastback
67 GTA390 Mustang
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

Since we are telling whole stories, I'll go a little further than my first post.........

First owned by Samuel E Brown, Fairchild AFB, Wash. on 19 Sept 1969.
I have the original owners hand book and owner card with the number 25039 also written on it.
Also have the power train warranty card with a plastic credit sized card with car details attached to it, with the owner's signature.
Have Ford warranty status certificate 25943, dated 14 May 1970.
And lastly, I found the build sheet inside the driver's door one day.

From the US, it found it's way to Australia some time in 1976, as I have some sort of paperwork which appears to be some kind of permit, issued by the Govt of New South Wales on 23 Sept 1976.

From info I have received, it was then used as an embassy vehicle in Canberra, until the previous owner to me bought it. Then I bought it from him on 19 Jan 1988, and trucked it over to Perth.

2003 Falcon BA XR8 Ute.
1972 Falcon XA GT.
1970 Galaxie 500 Sportsroof.
1963 1/2 Galaxie 500 Fastback.
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

I bought mine new.... JK! I was born in 1980

My 60 Ford came from the origonal owner (making me the 2nd owner). It was a fleet car used by a traveling veterinarian.

I never tracked down owners on the 64 or 65.

Colin Pittsburgh PA
Galaxies! 59-68 Fox Mustangs! 87-93
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

Our car has been in the family from new. My uncle special ordered his R-code from C.C. Vaniman Ford in Trotwood, Ohio (now defunct) in March 1963. I even have the little scrip of paper on which he wrote out his options and compared prices at three different dealers. He sold it to my father c. 1986, who owns it still today. I just take care of it for him.

The Black FoRd1963 Galaxie 500 2-door sedan blk/blk. Factory-installed: R-code motor, 4 spd BW, 3.00:1, PW, AM/FM, rear spkr, 2 spd W&W, seat belts, WSW 7.10. Dealer: spotlight mirror. Orig owner: Sun tach+sender, fan clutch, rad. overflow. 2nd owner: radials, S/S exhaust.
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Re: The first owner of your Galaxie.

I am the fourth owner of my '64 XL 2dr. HT. It was assembled on 02-28-64 in Atlanta and sold new 11-27-64 to Mary L. Carr of Forest Park, GA. The dealer was Harry White Ford in Hapeville, GA. The salesman was E. Williams Turner. The purchase price was a whopping $3,892.51. I have the original bill of sale and original Title. When Ms. Carr passed away in 1987 the car became the property of her son. He sold it 11-04-88 for $2,200.00 to the gentlrman I purchased it from. (Hand written bill of sale) I purchased the car in April of this year. I have really enjoyed the car and this forum.
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