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Exclamation Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

Well I have ran into a issue with my tachometer.
It seems to bounce around at 4000 RPM.
While taping this video, I noticed it.
Anyone know what that would be?
Maybe I need a resitor on the tach wire?

watch at 3:56 to 4:06 into the film.
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

I tried using one on a 351W with an Edelbrock RPM Airgap and the body hit the manifold.I put an MSD ready to run in and it works great,no box needed.Put one on a 68 Mustang 302 ,worked for two days then went out.It took three weeks for them to replace it,had them return the money!In the interim put an Accel conversion in the stock distributor,works great! ROY.

Real Racecars have Three Pedals!
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

Originally Posted by KULTULZ View Post
It would be a cold day in you know where before I would pop my hood to show a GM type distributor staring someone in the face.

Blueprint a DURASPARK II distributor and mount a TFI coil. Even rebuilding a points style with a PERTRONIX II would be better (IMO).

Hi all,

New to this site, has any one used the "PRO-COMP" electronics?

I've got a 460 in an (Australian) coupe (XB), and my mechanic has just ordered in a PRO-COMP distributor and coil and leads for me.
It is modelled off of MSD systems- but a lot cheaper priced.

Any feedback on these systems?

I have a MSD 6AL installed already.

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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

Just picked up one myself but havn't installed it yet. Procomp dist. msd and coil. I like the idea of two rev limiters. One for your top end and a button activated one for launch revs. I will get back after I test though it might be a bit as I am just starting a build. 77 F150 with a 400.

"WRECKIN HAVOC" 76 F150 460ci.
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

i know i hate chevy with a pasion but its something im willing to try nothing else will work rigth now. and ive heard good about having an hei distributor on a carb'd engine
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

I heard nothing but bad things about the HEIfficeffice" />
1.) With the coil in the cap...all the Radio Frequency Interference and Electro-Magnetic Interference that the coil produces is directed at the module and pickup trigger coil.
2.) The high voltage from the secondary side of the ignition passes within 1-1/2" from the module.
3.) When the high voltage escapes inside the distributor guarantees a false firing.
4.) The center electrode is soft, high resistance graphite that comes off when voltage is passed through it and when the electrode comes in contact with the moving rotor small amounts of conductive graphite are distributed all over the inside the cap and on the rotor causing high voltage to follow it instead of going to the spark plug terminal like it should.
5.) The HEI cap is not vented so the high energy discharge builds up ionized air, this promotes ground fires, cross fires and chain fires inside the cap. (Ever notice the red dust inside the HEI cap and carbon buildup on the rotor or weight pins eaten half through from spark welding?)
6.) The Hall Effect trigger used in the HEI is the same basic design first used in 1966 and produces the weakest signal of the three major factory ignitions.
7.) The coil housing is impossible to seal for moisture because of the wiring hookup design.
8.) The coil is impossible to keep from leaking high voltage into everything.
9.) GM could never design out all the defects, so the Coil in Cap design was scrapped. GM now uses an ignition very similar to the Ford ignition.

The most likely reason you are hearing people say their car runs better with a HEI is because that fix an ignition problem (changed spark plug wires) with a new part. As far as the DUI distributor goes...I do like the extra bearing on the shaft.

Jeff in Georgia
60 Tudor Falcon V8
64 Falcon Wagon V8
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

I do know this is an old thread but I have had nothing but troubles out of my Proform HEI distributor, mine is partially exposed to sunlight since i run a blower style scoop that sticks out of my hood (75 datsun 500Z) the caps and wire covers only last a couple of months, the wiring insulation from inside the distributor to the plugs on the outside of the cap falls apart within 6 months, the internal bushings have had to be replaced 2 times. This distributor only has 3000 miles on it in 1 1/2 years and has used 2 coils, 3 caps, 2 modules with wiring. This is the worst distributor i have ever wasted $200 on.

William Cunningham
High Velocity Motorsports
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

I`ve had Proforms in my last two cars w.o any kind of trouble. Noticeable upgrade from a new stock HEI in my Chevy, strong crisp ignition in my Ford.

Life in the Fairlane
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

Yah well Hope you can sleep at night supporting CHINA. When I CAN, I REFUSE TO!
PROFORM anything is China made.
I'm so dam sick of everything we buy being made in CHINA INDONESIA etc etc etc!!
Yes MSD (Etc) now has stuff made for them in China as well. However Ive told them my peace about it as well.

However WE the consumer are the ones that will drive them out of the country.
We vote with our Pocket book...
Come on People. "Hot Rods" are expensive lets at least keep them "MADE IN USA"

Next thing you know (they work fast because of the Money Pipeline we set up for them) they will start marketing a complete Hot Rod with a stamped in China Body, cast and machined Engine and Transmission, Interior, ,gauges, suspension,wheels ,tires Etc Etc.
Maybe in the form of a 67 mustang?? Just put it in a big box ship it on a container and assemble like a kit car. Only $5000!!!
Hey it might "LOOK" like mustang, might even sound like one. But it will be wrong just wrong.

But what the hell do you type of people care???

"all i want is something for cheap"
"its a global economy these days"
"USA no longer has a manufacturing Economy, its all about services"
"Hey its My money!!"
"USA stuff is expensive !!! WAA WAAAHHH"

MARK my words if we dont change our attitude, we will end up owned by China. Yes i mean The good ol USA!!!

Life long project. No it wont ever end....
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

I decided to play with a knock-off HEI dizzy. I had to grind some off the water neck, expected that. The drive gear was in no way pinned to the shaft so it just falls off at will, not an issue once installed but it sure is during installation. I finally put a glob of non-hardening RTV in the joint to hold for install, then I could not get it to seat all the way, finally figured out it was bottoming out on whatever that rod thing is in the block, I was able to lift it up with a magnet tool, but not out, it is loosey goosey in there, I pulled it up, and preinstalled into the bottom of the dizzy shaft, again with a smidge of RTV to hold it, now it's seated but, despite best effort it's clocked such that the wire's exit block is in just the wrong place to hit the air cleaner housing (after market Edelbrock oval thing). I will pull it all and start over trying to find a happy place. I expected to fiddle for fitment and my expectations are being exceeded!. I thought I could clock the cap anyway I wanted on the four hold down points but didn't notice until the end there's a locating nub on the cap and corresponding notch in the housing. I might just make my own notch 90 degrees over since it shouldn't matter in the end.
What is this internal rod and is it's looseness cause for pause? Off to research. sorry for ignorance, it's my first Ford in a long time, let alone a classic street rodded FE with unknown history.

'62 Galaxie 500 convertible with a '69 429 and Edelbrock 1407 and lots and lots of "custom" wiring!
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

oil pump rod perhaps? sounds pretty essential, me now nervous
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Re: Proform HEI Distributor Review

all done, runs great
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