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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

Well, I hope it works out for you. I tried these when they were made by holley as the 4010, and let me tell you those were pieces of crap. Having run Holleys for years I was very surprised at how bad they were to tune. I finally got Super Shops (remember them?) to take it back.

In fact, just the the other day I found the dual feed line off that carb under the workbench. Damn memories...

'68 Ranchero 500
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

LOL!! Yeah, I remember Super Shops. There was one in Greensboro (ahem) years ago. Talk about a blast from the past.

So far, so good with this one. It's funny, just reading this thread alone, the hit n' miss nature of the old 4010. Some loved it and some thought it was junk. I'm in the love it crowd for now, until it does something to put me in the other camp.


85 GT
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

glad i could help on the interchange question. one of these days i'll order a pair from summit for my ultra-rare 58 only 1.19 venturi 4100. i'm sure glad i don't know any 58 mercury turnpike cruiser fans because i'm gonna butcher the hell outta this carb, IE; summit bosster, holley vacuum secondary spring kit, i may even see if i can modify it to work with a quick change secondary kit...or modify the quick change kit to work with the carb rather, i'm going to use carter afb needle and seats, i'll change the primary linkage to the later kickdown style and depending on how well it works (or doesn't work) with the vacuum secondaries i have an old Eelco mechanical secondary conversion kit for it too. i'm gonna keep all the original parts though and everything will be able to be put back original if i so desire or decide to sell it.

i'm also considering having the carb body hard anodized or plated to work with E85 fuel if it ever takes off in my area, if that happens then there's no going back with this carb, but if the E85 takes off here i'll probably step up to the new BG VFI throttle body and a holley commander 950 computer system instead of using the carb.

i've still got a few other tricks up my sleeve for this carb in the meantime though, like swirl polishing the venturis and some other little stuff that i don't want to give away just yet.....
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Thumbs up Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

i put the summit carb on my studebaker lark with an R-1 289 cid engine.(No ITS NOT A FORD ENGINE ITS A STUDEBAKER V-8 FIRST MADE IN 1956,THE R-SERIES WERE THERE HI-PO ENGINES AVAIBLE FROM 1963-64). did a few adjustments and it's been running real good.the gas mileage is about what it was with the carter afb.
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

Just got mine installed yesterday, nice carb for the money but:

1.-Idle mixture screws are a pain to access
2.-Float levels (both)were super high, just adjusted them down

Other than that , I need to take it for a test drive to compare against my old Holley 1850 and my autolite 4100.
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

Great write up. I spent 15 yrs at Holley and got to be pretty good at tuning. I wish O had thought of the replaceble bleeds/feeds. We used to just replace them if they were too big. All we wound up doing was proving that annular discharge boosters could be engineered to flow enuff fuel to use in performance carbs.

02 F-150 that just LOOKS stock,Trans shift kit,4.56 gears w/ Detroit TruTrac, LiveWire Pro Racer Package tuned. My baby:
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

Great you point out flaws as well as the Plus side of the Carb.
And the A/F ratio testing.
Curious though if you know why the A/F ratio changed between a startup and shutdown then restart you pointed out in the Daily Driver Notes section?
Any educated guesses as to why?

Thanks for such a extensive writeup.

Rich Sr.
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

The Autolite 4100 was and still is a good carb. That's why this one was based on that. Sometimes the old ideas are the best. Nice thing also that you don't have to drain the fuel bowl to change jets. With all the money that's been put into other forms on fuel delivery, the Holley Carb still sets the standard for preformance.
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

Thanks a bunch for this detailed review!

I had to register to give thanks and get some feedback. I just purchased a never been installed-new 750 mechanical secondary unit from a gentleman on eBay. This is going on a fairly large duration cammed 383 and I am now wondering if this was a complete mistake.

What is your opinion on making this work for 242/248 duration cam on a 110 LSA? I am honestly looking for more smooth driving over all out power (yea good cam choice, right?) and picked this over a used Holley 4160 type unit because this was new. Drill out the butterflies and roll with it?
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

Benjiboy, not sure what "mods" you'll need to make for a big cam like that, but I'd be surprised if you had any issues. The annular boosters may save some of the sure-to-be-lost low end, too. I don't think you'll need to do anything that you wouldn't also have to do with a 4160 in the end.

ixtlan, sorry I don't check this thread often enough...glad it's still being read.
The difference in idle mixture a/f cold and "warmed up" is not unusual. A heat-soaked carb is going to atomize the fuel a little different than a cold one and produce different numbers on the wide band. That's all I can figure.


85 GT
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

Can you give us an update on the summit carb grtskydog, and anybody else that is using this carb? I'm finishing up a street/strip 306 for a 1969 Mustang, and I'm looking at which carb to go with. I'm debating on a Holley 650 DP, 600 vacuum secondary, the Summit 600 cfm, or an Autolite 4100 from Carbontooters/KP Carbs. Was this Summit carb pretty much a "set it and forget it" like the Autolite is reputed to be, or due you have to adjust it fairly often?

I already have the two Holley carbs, but could easily make a profit on the on ebay compated to what I bought them for along with rebuild kits if I go with a different carb.

Last edited by jholmes217; 05-27-2010 at 11:45 AM.
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

I bought a 600 c.f.m. summit carb back in may. After the car is running, it runs good. But getting the car to start is the hard part. For some reason the check ball for the accelerator pump gets stuck and won't work. So when you pump the throttle it don't get that first squirt of gas. Any ideas to remedy this problem?
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

I recently bought this carb to replace a Carter 600 cfm. The main reason I switched is because I was looking to get more low end torque. But I was also hoping with the annular discharge nozzles that fuel would be atomized better, resulting in cleaner exhaust. My car has never been able to pass the emissions exhaust test we have.

My motor is a 306 with XE262H camshaft, headers, and RPM Airgap intake. This is mated to a T5 transmission and 3.00 open rear gears (for now).

I've had driven the car for only one day but the difference is unmistakable. Low end torque / throttle response is definitely better. With the Carter, if I was rolling in 1st gear and punched the throttle, the tires would not break loose. Now they will break loose. Also, the car pulls hard to 5500-6000 rpm. So I really don't think I've lost anything at higher rpms.

I don't know yet if I will be able to get through the emissions exhaust test as-is. I adjusted the idle mixture to try clean it up the exhaust as much as possible. The exhaust still has the odor of a car with no catalytic converters, but it doesn't seem as bad. I did notice that I now get about 17" vacuum at idle. I never got better than 15" with the Carter. So I assume that means the engine is burning fuel more efficiently, at idle anyways.

The carb needed minimal adjustment out of the box, mainly just the primary float being too high. Cold idle RPM is about 1200 rpm on my motor, which seems to be fine. The choke comes off after only a minute or two. With my Airgap intake though, choke needs to stay on for a few minutes longer or the engine stalls. So I will see how much I can adjust this.

So far I'm very happy with this carburetor.
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

Cobra, Glad it worked out for you. You can adjust the choke to stay on longer just by tightening up the choke coil (twist the housing)'s adjustable on the Summit carb.

jholmes, no I'm not running it anymore. I'm building a 351W for my Fox, so I'll probably use the Eddy 650 I have and see how it goes. I would certainly consider running the Summit 750, but I don't wanna put out the cash for it right now.

chornak, If you're relying on the pump shot to start the car, then something else is wrong. That said, if you pump the gas and the check ball is screwing up the pump shot then try to clean out the passage and/or try a different ball...or just send it back. There could be a machining/casting defect.

Thanks all for the feedback.


85 GT
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Re: Summit Carb Review and Road Test

nice review.

i have one question about this carb, does it have a ported vacuum takeoff for a vacuum advance dizzy? the 4100 i`m running presently doesnt, only full time vac.

how is your advance set up with this carb if youre running a vac dizzy?


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