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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Made some more progress. Took my rear frame rail sandblasted the inside and coated inside of rail and bottom of pieces I made to box it with POR15. When I was boxing the rail I started at the front and fitted it so it fit inside rail, then tacked the front. As I was working my way back the rail I would take my grinder and fine tune/fit the piece as I went. And tacked every 5-6 inch. I did this because I did not want the piece to push out on the rail any. I have a lot of markings to line it back up and didn't want the rail distorted??. But here is rail after boxing it and spraying with weld-thru primer. Pieces I welded in are 16 Guge same as rail.

I needed to revamp front spring mount. Original is 1/8 inch thickness. I bought 2.5X2.5 angle 3/32. Couldn't find 1/8 that size and since it was going to be 5" longer figured the extra thickness couldn't hurt. Piece is 13" long will run from inner rocker to rail over the orig.

I then test fitted the rail on car make sure my measurements didn't move
The new spring mount fit nice, Just barely touching inner rocker when everything was clamped in place.

The rail is pretty much ready to be welded back on. While it was clamped on I made my templete for the trunk floor. from inner rail flange out toward trunk drop. Did this with poster paper. WAY easier to cut lol

After making templete. I cleaned a section of 18 gauge sheet and marked it . (Actual floor measured 19 gauge) and cut out with cut off tool.

After cutting it out I do ALL edges with angle grinder get rid of SHARP edges they suck. and then took a DA with 80 to it. Here is what it looked like fitted on car. From bottom of car and inside trunk

It fits nice But not big on flat sheetmetal look. Didn't want it to look like a patch being so flat. Decided to put a bead or 2 in it. Before I do the actual piece I will do a test on same thickness scrap. To make sure it will look like I want without ruining the piece. First I need to set my bead roller for the thickness 18gauge. To do this loosen tension bolt and slide in test piece between the FLATS of the rollers not the actual die? part But like this

As you tighten the tension bolt make sure you can slide the metal through with your hand. If the rollers turn when you push the metal thru then back off a little. Should feel a drag on metal but rollers shouldn't spin as you push metel. I mark the position on my tension bolt, has a "T" handle. Then turn bolt out 6 revolutions. Then put sample piece in to roller. Line up mark I put on where to start bead with roller and tighten bolt 6 turns. This keeps metal from getting bowed from over tightening. Here is how sample piece turned out

Here is the good piece with first bead in it. I also clamp a piece of straight scrap on table for a giuide.

Here is piece finished with the second bead rolled into it.

And here is what new pice looks like fitted on car. From in trunk and from bottom of car

Rail is pretty much ready to weld in now. Got a few little things that need fine tuning. Still not happy with the looks of the new front spring mount But will get to that next and hopefully have this welded in soon.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Got couple more hours on Comet. I haven't been happy with how front spring mount looks and really wanted to make this area strong. With the rail clamped on car I cut a piece of smaller angle 13" long. It fit snug right in the space between mount and torque box.

I taqcked it and removed the rail to weld it on,

And the clamped rail back on the car again. here is what front spring mount looks like now.

I think it looks more finished now. And will be alot stronger. When I finish the torque box I will weld the seam between torque box and angle too.

And......................Got the rear frame rail tack welded into its new location. I'm happy!

Have to finish welding it on then I can get rotisserire bolted back to rail and start on inner wheel well. Plus get the engine lift out of my way.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Finished welding my rail on. Started on wheel well. Cut out the inner well and the floor up to the frame rail.

Here is the inner wheel well trimmed down. I decided to keep about a inch flange around the bottom of well and to keep the flange on the frame rail. This will place the inner well about a inch away from frame rail. I was originally going to cut flange off and weld inner well flat against frame rail but think this will look better and won't make a difference since leaf spring will be the inner limit for wheel/tire combination.

Didn't like the humps on left side and was going to hammer and dolly them out but since I have to make filler pieces anyways I decided to just cut the humps out. I also drilled out the spotwelds that held the lower part of trunk hinge mount, and welded up the holes. Here is piece ready to be clamped back on car.

Clamped inner well back on car and made the templates for filler pieces.

Took the templates and cut the pieces out of 18ga. Stepped the edge where the pieces will be welded to the trimmed inner well.

Clamped the new filler pieces and inner well to car for fitment, had to grind a couple edges but pretty happy with how it fit.

Once it fit how I wanted it to, I welded the pieces and inner well together.

Here is picture that shows the diffeence in size between the new wheel well and the old one.

I will spot weld the new inner well to the outer one on the outside and weld the seam inside to preserve the factory seam. also have to remount the lower part of trunk hinge bracket to new inner well.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Got some time this weekend. Sandblasted and ground the welds on inner wheel well.

Welded the well in and finished welding the outer trunk floor

Here is picture from inside trunk. Should be able to fit decent tires when done lol

Started on frame connector. Laid sample piece in rear frame rail, With tape marked where I wanted opening. Then laid tape on the inside to figure the flange.

Marked where I wanted to cut. I will cut between the black marker lines. The part between the marker lines and tape will be the flange.

Here is what it looks like after I cut it out. I also cut reliefs where the floor bends so I can bend the flanges

I used various sizes of angle iron clamped from the inside to hammer/bend the flange inward.

Here is what it looks like after making the flanges. This will make it easier to weld the connector in and give a more finished look from the bottom.

And what the opening looks like from the bottom.

The goal was to get the connector to fit snug/tight but not have to be hammered in. It does fit snug, will actually stay in place by itself and can pull it out by hand. I am going to have to tweak it a little to get it fitting better, But pretty happy with it and it basiclly worked out how I wanted it. Here it is slid in place.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

That is some very nice work. That sould be a great car when your done.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Looks great! Keep up the work and pics.

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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Thanks guys,

Been trying to spend as much time on it as possible, and still keep up with customer work. Goal is to have it done for summer.

Going to be taking a break for the holidays but after that going to have to get serious with it to have it done for summer. There should be a lot of pictures.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Holiday's are over, Son went back to school and me back to my shop. Got back to work on Comet. Have the driver's side subframe connector fitted and next step is welding the 2 pieces together. The top piece will slide inside the lower piece. This way the seam will be inside the car, and underneath the car it will have a nice formed edge. I coated the inside of top piece with POR and did the outer sides with weld thru primer. The lower part I POR'd the inside bottom and weld thru on the inside uprights, then drilled the holes for the spot welds.

After coatings dried I slide the pieces together and spot welded down the sides. Here is finished connector.

Placed connector into car and started to make templates for floor boards and such. Going to wait till I get almost all the pieces made before I weld anything in. First section I need to make is a extension for bottom of torque box.

I made the piece so it also fills back of torque box and will have a flange at top for floor board to weld to.

Also put a bead in it, just don't like the look of flat sheet. here is what it looks like fitted onto car. When welding in this will be welded solid so bottom of torque box will be one piece out to the seam with frame rail

Next started on the inside floors. Pulled the connector out and made a template for the floor under rear seat. Didn't cut the old floor out yet this way the poster paper can lay flat on what is left of old floor, also gives me some reference points. This will give me a better fit.

Used the template to cut the piece out of some 18 gauge. Put some beads in it and then did the radius, and then bent the flanges.
I marked the beads on the template and fitted in to car to make sure none of the beads would interfer with welding/fit before putting beads in the metal

The rear floor now is 2 pieces with the connector going thru the middle. I made templates to fit with other pieces in place.

Cut the pieces out of sheet metal

Did the bead's, radius, and flanges to form the 2 floor pieces.

Here are the 3 rear pieces of floor fitted into car with the connector

Still have a little tweaking but next I will weld these parts into place. While the car was level I put in the rear spring and measured from spring to inner quarter panel lip.

Have 16.5 inches of room for width. Hoping to fit a 29x15 tire in the new space
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Nice work again! Keep it up
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Originally Posted by FEandGoingBroke View Post
Nice work again! Keep it up
Thanks FE.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

the work on the car looks great man! one day ill have the room to tear mine apart and do a full resto like this. keep up the good work!!!
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

You have some awesome fab skills..Looking good.

1968 mustang 408W Hybrid..Burns gas and rubber!
[email protected] with a crappy 1.72 60ft.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

lookin good! awesome work!
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Thanks Guys,

I traced the out line of the new floors onto the old and then removed the new pieces. I cut out the old and cleaned up the edges here is what looks like. From top

From bottom

Set in the frame connector and the upright piece in torque box. Tack welded these pieces into place.

Next welded the filler piece I made between bottom of torque box and connector, Dril it for spot welds and also welding the seams

Here is what it looks like with the welding finnished.

Here is what it now looks like from the top. I also made a piece to weld the top rear of the torque box to the top of spring front mount and also the frame connector/rail the top of all 3 pieces are now solid, also welded the top of spring mount to inside rocker.

Now that the rear of torque box is welded to spring mount, rail, connector and rear floor it is very solid. The front of the torque box seems like it is a little lacking, only thing that connects the front together is the floor. And that is prob strong enough but thought while I am into it might as well make a brace/support up front too. Seen on others builds where they make a support between frame connector and inner rocker which is good idea, So I used some 16 gauge exhaust pipe to span the gaps and help support/strenghten the front of torque box to rocker. This will also help with floor. Best part is it will be hidden inside box once floor is in.

Put the front/outer piece of floor in. Spotwelded down thru it in the rear into the front edge of the bottom of torque box. Tack welded it across the pipe and spotwelded it down the side's thru the flanges into the connector and inner rocker

Still have a few places I need to weld a little. Then sandblast and coat inside of torque box with POR and seam seal the inside before I put the rear floor section in. I will weld the floor seams solid from the bottom so that it is smooth/seamless when looking at it.

Hopefully get some time this week to finish this side so I can move to the pass side next and do it all over again. Other side should be a lot quicker since I already have the templetes made and don't have to figure out how to do it / design it.
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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Lou, you are an artist with mad bodywork skills! Thanks again for showing us your progress.

I was wondering if you were going to incorporate a roll bar in your Comet? Thought that you might want to stiffen the rear floor mounting with support connections to the frame.


65' Stang Street/Strip. Dart 434W NA, Victor heads, G101A 4 Spd, 4:56 rear gear, on 93 octane pushing 3550lbs. [email protected]
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