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pokermon303 08-08-2015 07:19 AM

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Does anyone happen to know where I can get a hold of a fan shroud. My car keeps overheating and an old timer suggested one but I cant find it. Thanks 4 ur help!

65FalconSix 08-30-2015 07:37 AM

Re: overheating?!!!!
We just replaced the radiator in our 65 Falcon ($125 at O'Reilley auto parts, available in 24 hrs.) because of a minor front end collision. The replacement radiator we got was a row thicker than the original. We didn't order any upgrade, the aftermarket was just a row thicker than the factory original. The original was a 2 row and the new one was 3 row. we had no shroud before and no shroud now but the car runs cooler even when stuck in traffic on a 94 degree day. you can see the difference in how fast the temp drops on the gauge when the thermostat opens. we are running a 180 t-stat. I think the stock t-stat was 195.

other suggestions:

1. Low dollar and simple:try a lower temp thermostat like a 180 instead of a 195, or a 160 instead of a 180. $4-$15, 2 bolts

2. Moderate dollar and slightly more complicated: delete the original mechanical fan and install an electric fan assembly off a modern car from the junkyard ($20-$50) Make sure you get one that pushes/pulls the air the right direction and control it with a coolant temp switch ($10, looks like a temp sensor and screws into block) it works automatically on demand any time the key is on.
This option supposedly adds some tiny amount of horsepower by removing the drag of the fan from the drive line, but I'm not sure. It sounds logical, but the power increase is probably so minor you can't feel it.

keep posting and let us know what you did and the difference it made.

65FalconSix 08-30-2015 07:41 AM

Re: overheating?!!!!
One other thought...water boils at a lower temperature at lower pressure which is effected by live in Colorado, what elevation?

you may just need the lower temp t-stat

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