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Conversation Between 70XL and j3gibbon
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  1. 70XL
    02-07-2012 12:00 PM - permalink

    I see I can't post pictures in this visitor message format. I have, in past, posted pictures of my engine bay, before, during and after my engine re-build project. I don't have my own web site, or a photobucket album, so, unfortunately all I can suggest is to search my posts to check the pics I've posted. Not much help, and not the easiest for you.
  2. j3gibbon
    02-07-2012 11:29 AM - permalink
    70xl I was looking for your website as I am working on my own 70 LTD with 351W it would be great to see what you did under the hood and else where. I look forward to talking with you soon as I am just finishing some brake line replacement before I get my car back on the road.
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