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  • bill_powell ·
    Thanks Andy! I appreciate you taking the time.

    This old Falcon has been off of the road for 37 years of its life. Driven for a bit, parked 17 years, driven a bit, then parked another 20 years, according to the third owner of the car. I'm the fourth, and am determined to put this old girl back on the highway.

    Again, thanks for your help. And Happy New Year!

    bill_powell ·

    Sorry to bug you, but after reading your post in this thread: seemed the right person to ask. I've recently aquired a '63 convertible factory V8 which I am trying to put back on the road. The little 260 is a fresh stock rebuild, to include the original exhaust manifolds. Now I am ready for an exhaust system. I need the whole deal, down pipe to tail pipe.

    Do you know if there is a complete exhaust system available which I could simply order and fit in my garage? I'm in a small town, there's no help closer than about 40 miles, and I would rather not try a LOUD 40 mile drive to a muffler shop if I can avoid it.

    Thanks in advance, and again, sorry to bug you.

    Bill Powell
    Dover, TN
    (931) 534-4620
    1970longhorn ·
    I am a new member. Was hoping maybe you still had your Hipo block. I have a 66 K code GT coupe. My block has a cracked cylinder & I am in desperate need of another block. Thanks for your time. Brad
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