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  • zell90r94 ·
    Hey 64,

    I read your post about using the non power MC from a 72 f-250. My question is what did you use for a proportioning valve? btw, nice looking ride.... Thank you!!
    64Ragtop ·
    no I did the disk brake conversion when i did this change. If you just want the duel chamber master cylinder you can with I think a 1972 F250 drum/drum brake dual master cyl but you still have to disconect the front brake lines from the rear lines to seperate the brakes some plumbing of lines is required. I bought all my parts from car quest!
    chrisaz ·

    I would like to ask a Quick question, I noticed you had posted on a thread about dual chamber master cylinders that you bought the part you linked to on your post, my question is aside from removing the old unit\bolting new one in, what all did you do for this conversion? I want the safety this offers but have severe cash & physical limitations so I don't want to get in over my head... thank you for your time,

    Customcab ·
    Hi, sure would like to know more about that steering box swap. I have a 63.5 and I'd be all for loosing the slave cylinder on the linkage. Thanx, Phil
    RickRacer ·
    Hiya 64Ragtop! I wanted to tell you I really like your ride! That is one of my all time favorite Fords and your ride is truly a beauty......seeing it brings back a lot of memories of my younger days while living in the Ozarks. I had a buddy there who had one and we drove it all over the place. He had a 390 in his with a headlight circuit breaker that always went out at night while driving those dangerous Ozark back roads.....scared me crazy while he kept driving with no lights! Can you post more pics into your gallery album and your buddies garage is so over the top!
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