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  • mvannote ·
    Recently seen your reply talking about replacing the 3 wire alternators (with separate regulator) with the 1 wire. I have a 3 wire 66 galaxie and was wondering if you could help me with my conversion. I'm pretty hands on, just illiterate on how to wire it up correctly. Thanks
    sallen85 ·
    can you tell me what type of fan you have on your car and size, please. I've been trying to get an electric to fit with no luck so I decided to use a regular fan. My car didn't come with one so I have no idea what size to get, and where to purchase.
    you can email me directly at [email protected] if you want.
    Hooked ·
    I see you live in Whitter I live in Lakewood I may need to hit you up sometime to ask you some questions. Where are some of the places to get falcon parts from?? I have a 65 and I have striped it down to nothing. I have a bunch of parts for sale from it if know anybody looking for some parts....New wheels and tires, new exhaust (form headers to the tail pipes) new front suspension Disc brake set up too! and stock 5 bolt I have more stuff too! Mark
    2bird ·
    Thanks again for the help on the pertronix ignitor. I went with the ignitor II and their coil II setup. Was much more simple than expected... read up/down the message board about people having trouble, I thought I needed to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Plug and play- timing was the same and started right up. Noticeable smoothness in idle and high RPM launch. :D
    2bird ·
    Been reading up on electronic ignition and looking towards the pertronix ignitor II or III. Seeing you on most of the forum involving the ignitors, I wanted to ask what your engine set up looks like. Pictures if possible. I read that both ignitors version require a fairly low ohms resistance coil. What coil would you recommend for the II or III? Thanks in advance. :D
    frankenfords ·
    Your email ended up in my junk folder, and like a big dummy I deleted it. Didn't realize it until too late. Can you please resend? Thanks again, Brett
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