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  • 70galaxie500 ·
    Hi 70XL, I'm working on my 70 Galaxie 500 hardtop fastback and I have read that we have some of the same mods and I'm wondering which headers you went with and how much modification you had to do to them b/c mine are hitting the pitman arm bolt, the motor mount bolt and the gearbox and the collectors are pointing in and up at the trans crossmember. Did you run into any of these problems? I'm running a 351W with an AOD behind it.
    j3gibbon ·
    70xl I was looking for your website as I am working on my own 70 LTD with 351W it would be great to see what you did under the hood and else where. I look forward to talking with you soon as I am just finishing some brake line replacement before I get my car back on the road.
    70XL ·
    I have a number of pics on the site of my headers and how they fit and the slight tweaking required, and yes, mine is a floor shift. I believe the Hooker 1601's, or 1609's, or something like that, will fit with a column shift and even a trans as big as the C6, so the FMX makes things a little easier.
    hitchiker ·
    Do you have a picture on here of your 70XL? I'm guessing it must have a floor shift if you fit headers on it. I spent days searching for headers, with no luck. Seems to come down to my tranny, FMX and colum shift linkage.
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