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  • RenegadeRednek ·
    Hello Kent,

    MY name is bret and I live down in binghamton. I was wondering if you could awnser a few ?'s for me. I have a 1973 windsor with 73 heads. I want to build a 393 stroker engine using my stock rods,302 pistons and a 3.85 crank.

    Could you tell me exactly what I need. I will be porting the exhaust bumps from my 73 heads bc they have a small combustion chamber and can handle from what I have heard good flow. I have a 650 holley DP for the top end and a edelbrock performer intake. I plan on running a mild cam as well.

    Do I have to bore the block to do the stroker kit or can I just run stock bore and should I go with a cast or forged crank. I do not want to dump alot of money into the engine just make some nice streetable hp for my rat rod...


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