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  • Razor ·
    Joe, I'm doing a new build using 351W 69 block, Mahle pistons 1.230 CH, 20 cc dish, .040 over for 4 inch crank, 6.250 Eagle rods, Scat super lightweight crank, using AFR 205 heads, Super Vic. jr. intake. I already have those parts, and the solid roller cam I have sitting around is the Lunati #51022 - 256,264 @050 .646 in. .626 ex. lift 106 LSA. I'm trying to get 650 hp with this, is this possible or do I need more camshaft. The car is a 1968 Mustang, 2700 lbs, C4 trans 5200 stall, 4:56 gear. I'm aiming for low 10's . Just want to know if I'm leaving too much horsepower on the table by using that Lunati camshaft or should I really use something else or do you have another suggestion for this?
    BIGJOE ·
    The vitor jr are very poor out of the box-- Several years ago I ran a 347 with stock Vi Jr heads on my dyno.. It made just over 500 HP , then i removed the heads and did a full; race porting job to them.. The engine picked up 50 HP ( up to 552 HP ) after the porting work.This 347 had a big solid roller cam( 270-280 at 050---690 lift ). For example, the AFR 205 heads are usually 50 to 60 HP better than the out of the box Vi Jr= You would need a very big cam to even get close to 550 HP in your new motor if you keep those heads--JOE SHERMAN RACING
    GrandSAC ·
    Hey Joe, I have seen some of you comments regarding 363 SFB builds and I have a question about heads. I am going to build a grounds up Dart 363. I may use DSS forged flat top pistons and rods with a steel crank. My question revolves around heads. I have a set of out of the box Vr. Jr. heads on my 347. Are they a wast of time on the 363? My HP objective is 550. I don't want to waste my time on a nice block if the squeeze is in the heads. If I have to I will have to spring for a new set. Just your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John
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