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  • hdcowboy ·
    addendum... i cant find anywhere that says what the pinion was from factory nor which angle, any ideas where I could look
    hdcowboy ·
    thanks... a little confusion here the pinion from the driveshaft / pinion u joint when we say "pinion down" is that the joint is down or up? currently after cutting floor for tranny and exhaust, everything is described left to right standing at drivers door, engine/tranny are down 2.6 degrees, driveshaft is down 1 degree and pinion shaft goes up 1.8 degrees into diff.... should the pinion be rolled to be parallel with engine tranny angle? like roll axle clockwise 4.4 degrees? (again looking from drivers side) after we cover this one maybe you might not mind fielding axle/ tire sise questions ? :) thanks in advance for your time. Doc
    blkfrd ·
    Just need to cut out about a 2" long piece from the top of the upper trans mount in the tunnel. I had original spot welds adjacent to both cuts so I didn't have to tack weld anything. Sorry for not replying sooner. 3.5 degrees in front and 1.8 degrees in back will be enough difference to cause vibrations as I recall. 1.8 degrees for the pinion sounds low.
    hdcowboy ·
    read about cutting floor for t5 angle. any insight as i am pretty sure i have to revisit this due to vibration angles are 3.5 down .3 up and 1.8 down (trans,shaft,pinion) thanks in advance Doc
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