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  • chadzeilenga ·
    Hello, I may have the kick-down lever you are looking for. Can you provide a description and possibly dimensions. I'll check my parts.
    tmac5019 ·
    good morning fe, looking more into the shift lever and plunger i was able remove the plunger it was very loose dont think it should pull right out of the valve body should it? but the plunger appears to be bent dont think this is good either your thoughts kind sir?,tmac5019
    tmac5019 ·
    dear fe had the pan down and found that the manual shift lever did not seem two be moving any thing is possible that it jump out of location on the detent plunger and if so what position should it be in thanks ,tmac5019
    angus67 ·
    Hey, Gary. Got A Q for you. got my door glass back in, cleaned and regreassed the tracks and rollers, but now I can easily push down the windows from the outside. what keeps the windows from doing this? It did this before, but now that she's all greased up, it's even easier.
    Also, Im getting paint buffed and polished next saturday, and wonder what your doing next sunday? Would like to meet you, check out your shop?
    pride63 ·
    hi Gary , is there any chance I could send my modulator to you and you forward it on please , I understand if you cant do this . thanks Mark, England
    SCSal ·
    How do I remove the fixed pins that align the two pieces on the steering column that hold the rag coupling? The pins turn with a vice grip but they do not unscrew. They appear to be pressed in. Any ideas?
    willBgood ·
    would love your opinion on what distibutor works with a 390 fe is aloser but i like it 1967 Thunderbird
    lagalaxie500 ·
    A guy at work has a 65 mustang coupe. He said it's all there but it not all together they took it apart to put in new floor pans , it has a new gas tank . a 289 auto tranny . It was running when the master cylinder went out 5 years ago. He said it has 4 lugs ,so the 289 isn't the original engine . He said he primed the inside while everything is out, I'm not into stangs .I haven't seen it . he's asking 800.00
    orderthesun ·
    hey maybe we should be friends... your a pretty funny guy. im not even joking man a slant six 170, hahaha . where to put the spare, hahaha
    mike shutich ·
    Hey FE and going broke. Wher might be the best place to get a used or nos/obsolete, ford "9" inch 3:50:1 detroit locker rear end?
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